TANK, 8 October: South Waziristan political administration on Sunday said that the administration ban to transport pine nuts to other parts of the country for benefits of the farmers.

Political agent Zafar Islam Khattak, while talking to reporters, declared the news of banning the trucks carrying the dry fruit outside agency as false propaganda.

He said that few people have started a malicious propaganda against the administration and security forces and said that some people think the administration was doing this for its own benefits.

He said that an agre plant was under-construction in Wana where the dry fruit would be processed instead of taking them to other parts of the country for processing.

He said that price of pine nuts in South Waziristan, where it grew,  was 35 percent higher than other parts of the country as the dry fruit was transported back to the agency after being processed at plants located in other parts of the country.

He said if the nuts were processed within the agency it would be sold at lower rates inside the agency and higher cost in other parts of country.

Scouts Commander Lieutenant Colonel Mehboob Ali said that construction of an Agri Plant in Wana was part of reconstruction phase to provide a better market to the commodity.

Local elders complained that the political administration was not allowing them to transport the commodity to other parts of the country and forcing them to process it at the local plant.