BANNU, 15 July: The building of the Government High School Muhammadkhel in Bannu is in worst condition due to apathy of the district education department.

The teachers and parents of the students told TNN that no funds had been issued for repair and renovation in the school since 2008. They feared that the walls and roofs of the classrooms, which had been damaged due to rains and windstorms, may collapse due to negligence of the education department. They demanded the government to initiate renovation work in the school during the three-month summer vacations to avoid any mishap.

“The students and teachers face a very difficult situation in the event of rains and winds. The boundary walls and roofs of class rooms are in a very poor condition that need immediate attention,” a teacher of the school told TNN.

“We appeal to the governor to pay special attention to improving condition of this school,” another teacher said.

The education department officials told TNN that FATA Secretariat will not issue funds for renovation of 250 schools in Bannu region till the resolution of the Upper and Down regions’ issue.