BANNU: The district police officer Bannu on Wednesdayissued issued threat alert to district khateeb and other religious scholars and asked them to restrict moments for their own safety.

The district police chief issued the alert to khateeb Mufti Abdul Ghani, head of Madrassa Al-Markaz-e-Islami Maulana Syed Naseem Shah, Imam Mubarak moque Maulana Minhajuddin, head of Yateemkhana seminary Maulana Aizazullah Haqqani, Madani Masjid Maal Mandi Hafiz Abdul Sattar Shah Bukhari and Maulana Sher Nawaz.

The police issued advisory to them and asked them to avoid public gatherings and moments.

They were also asked to change their travelling schedule and timings, check their cars before embarking it and never leave drivers alone.

They are advised ten precautionary measures and urged them to implement them strictly for their own safety. Besides, MPAs and party leaders of the ruling party PTI are already issued threat alerts.


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