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BARA: The tribal elders and students of Bar Kambarkhel area of Bara sub-division in Khyber district have called upon the government to lift ban on motorcycle riding and provide internet facility in the area.

The students  of the area have accelerated their campaign for pursuance of their demands since the last few days. They said they are facing a lot of difficulties due to lack of internet service and ban on motorcycle riding in the area.

The youth organised a Jirga on the issue on Sunday which was attended by students, elders, teachers, social activist and other people in large number. The elders denied the rumours that internet service and motorcycle riding was banned in the area upon their request. They made it clear that they will not support any move which would create difficulties for the people, especially the students. They said they fully support the students for their genuine demands and will raise their voice at every forum for the rights of people. They said they will also provide financial support to students where needed.

Tribal elder Zahir Shah Afridi said while addressing the Jirga that Internet is a basic requirement for the students in this modern age of information technology. He said the importance of internet cannot be overlooked and those students who don’t have the facility lag behind in their advance studies and competitive exams.

Zahir Shah said several vacancies were announced recently by the government for the tribal youth, but many of them were unable to apply for those jobs due to lack of internet facility. He said most of the jobs nowadays are advertised online and the applying and examination process also requires the applicant to stay connected to various websites, but if students don’t have this facility, then they remain unaware about many opportunities. He said the students of Bar Kambarkhel have suffered a lot due to lack of this facility.

He said if someone thinks that internet facility can spoil the youth then they are wrong, as many youth in the area have been spoiled despite lack of any internet facilities. He said the unethical CD dramas and drugs spoil the youth more than anything else.

The youth leader Saeed Anwar said during the Jirga that the area youth could not reap the benefit of jobs after the merger of erstwhile Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to lack of internet facility. He demanded the government to immediately provide internet facility in the area to address the sense of deprivation of the local students.

Arif Afridi, another youth representative at the Jirga, said the government should at least exempt students, teachers and other people having employments from this ban in motorcycle ridding. He said a 10-member committee, comprising five each representatives from elders and youth, has been formed to convey the demands to concerned authorities.

Sources said the committee met with military officials on Monday and got assurance that their genuine problems will be resolved soon.

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