BARA, 30 October: The political administration of Khyber Agency has decided to establish a Municipal Committee to re-establish Bara Bazaar.

Political Agent Shahab Ali Shah told TNN that Bara Bazaar will be constructed on a new design. He said a vegetable market, vehicle stand, slaughter house and a playground will also be constructed in the new Bara Bazaar. He said a municipal committee will be established to implement this planning. The political agent said vehicles for lifting garbage from Bara Bazaar have already been purchased.

The local tribesmen have appreciated the decision of reconstruction of Bara Bazaar which had been closed in 2009 due to law and order issues.

“We will highly appreciate the implementation of this planning,” a local tribal elder said.

Another tribal elder said the new Bazaar will also include a stadium and a slaughter house which is a very positive step.

“The reconstruction of Bara Bazaar on new design will greatly facilitate the local population. The travel of Rs100 will now cost only Rs20,” he said.

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