BARA, 30 May: The handicapped IDPs (internally-displaced persons) of Bara, Khyber Agency, have urged the government to announce monthly honoraria for them.

Gathered at the Khyber Levies Centre, they told the TNN that they were uprooted owing to the military operation in Bara, but, despite being special persons, they were never treated as handicapped persons.

They added that because of being handicapped they cannot do any labour work due to which it has become extremely hard to bear the expenses of their children’s education. This is why we request the government to help us out by fixing reasonable honoraria for us, they said. They threatened to hold a protest demonstration if their due demands were not met.

“So far we did not receive even single penny assistance from the government. Our voices for our rights go unheard. Nobody raise voice for us so that we are given our due rights. We have not been issued handicapped cards. We demand the government to fix monthly honoraria for us,” they said.


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