Bara: Pir Syed Haidari visits native village after 13 years

BARA: Pir Muhammad Syed Haidari, who was an arch-rival of Lashkar-e-Islami (LI) in Khyber district and spiritual guide, has visited his native village after thirteen years of forced exile. Haider has visited his agriculture farms and received wheat grains from his tenants.

Haidari is the predecessor and son of Pir Saiful Rahman, who was highly revered by the local people for spiritualism. More than a decade ago, when LI controlled the area and tried to impose their views and believes on local people, government requested Haidari family to leave Bara.

Pir Muhammad Syed Haidari visits his home village after 13 years
Pir Muhammad Syed Haidari visits his home village after 13 years

He migrated along with his family to Lahore. After which, the security forces launched operation, flushed out the LI militants and now peace has been restored in the area.  During his visit to his native village, his old followers have warmly welcomed him and expressed joy in seeing their spiritual guide after such a long time.

He also visited the old Darbar-e-Aalia and remained there for some time. Government officials have kept his visit secret from media. The local elders while talking to media persons revealed that after the restoration of peace in Bara Tehsil, this was the first ever visit of Pir Sahib to the village. They added that he has visited his ancestor agricultural farms, the mosque and the destroyed Darba-e-Aalia.

The residents of Bara told media that after he abandoned the area, the Lashkar-e-Islami (LI) followers have targeted and vandalized the Darbar. The founder of Lashkar-e-Islami Mufti Shakir and his followers have also targeted his home and completely destroyed it. Security forces and government officials have now taken control of all his properties and announced that an educational institution will be constructed there.

Pir Haidari after a brief stay left for the village. Sources have confirmed that after the restoration of peace, Pir Haidari wants to permanently return back to his native area if government provide permission.