BARA, 25 June: The people of Bara area of Khyber Agency have complained that they face immense hardships while travelling to Tirah Maidan area.

The local people told TNN that the displaced persons from Bara received a registration form while coming back to their area. However, they said, they had to form a permission certificate for travelling to Tirah Maidan. They said they face many difficulties and had to visit the Shahkas Levies Centre and Political House several times for obtaining the permission certificate. They said due to this cumbersome process they had been unable to travel to Tirah Maidan to attend social gatherings, funerals or marriage functions.

“We are facing immense hardships in obtaining permission certificates for travelling to Tirah. People possessing registration forms for repatriation of IDPs should not require more certificates for travel within Khyber Agency,” a local person told TNN.

“I don’t understand why we need a certificate for travel within Khyber Agency. I am not travelling to Waziristan or Afghanistan, then why should I get a certificate,” another tribesman said.

On the other hand, the security officials are of the view that military operation is still underway in some parts of Khyber Agency. They said the travel certificate has been declared essential due to security concerns.


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