BARA: Busy in election campaigns, local administration and contesting candidates have forgot to resolve problems of local residents in NA-44 Bara constituency.

Local residents complained that the administration was busy providing security to the public gathering of contesting candidates while turned a blind eye to focus on solving problems of locals.

“There is sever water shortage in the area but the administration seems least interested to resolve it,” said Abdur Rahman Afridi, a local resident.

He said that students who have passed secondary school certificate examinations have applied for domicile certificates but the administration was stuck in election activities due to which the students might miss admissions.

“There is no facility available to residents of Malikdin Khel, Qamarkhel, Bar Qambarkhel, Storikhel, Akakhel, Sipah, Adamkhel and other areas of Bara,” said Ahmad Afridi, a resident of Qamarkhel area.

The resident said that rural areas of Bara tehsil are so underdeveloped that most of families displaced due to war on terror were reluctant to return.

They said that long-hours power outages have too brought daily life to a complete standstill while skyrocketed prices of daily commodities have forced poor to starve.

The local residents threatened to boycott elections if their problems were not resolved on priority basis.