Hudaibia Iftikhar

PESHAWAR: Wait, I am on call, wait.. I am watching the movie, wait… I am listening to music, wait a minute.. let me finish the game, these are the sentences we hear and say everyday while having mobile phones in our hands and no one has even a minute to listen to their parents and siblings, as mobile phones seem to be our first priority these days.

We have listened and read a lot about the misuse or disadvantages of mobile phones but here in this blog I would discuss how the extreme use of mobile phones plays an active role to spread of hatred or misunderstandings among relatives, especially in between siblings and parents.

Yesterday, I was sitting in my home garden and reading a novel, when I heard one of my sisters talking to another sister on phone call who is our elder sister and married one. She called her and informed her about everything about how we spent our day. Also she discussed our mother’s health and all the other issues we faced in the last few days. I was listening to her but didn’t impede her from telling her about all such things as she is far away and you are making her upset by telling unnecessary details.

Similarly, few days ago, one of my neighbours came to our home crying, and said that her daughter, who has been married about three years earlier, called her and told her how her husband treated her badly and informed them about the violence her in-laws commit with her.

Their daughter lives in Punjab while they are living in Nowshera, and are not able to get their daughter back, but all they can do is to shed tears and pray for her. This thing makes me think about how the people of earlier times were tension-free in their lives and were fit and healthy both physically and mentally. And when I asked my mom the main reason behind all such satisfaction, then I got my answer and I was right that the mobile phone is the core cause of anxiety these days.

Mobile phones did not exist that time, therefore those people spent their time in daily activities and neither parents were aware of the problems their married daughters, nor the daughters had any idea that what was going on at their parents’ home, but they used to come to their homes a month or two later, had some time with their parents happily, and then back to their in-laws and betrothed in their daily activities. But today we take a sip of a morning tea later but first inform our relatives about our issues because it is the era of mobile phones and we consider it somehow necessary to share our life with others.

We set aside our own work but discuss the other issues happily. We ignore the reality of this world and make our own world — that is the world of mobile phone. We don’t care about our parents’ health but must write ‘get well soon’ immediately after seeing other WhatsApp status of their unhealthy parents. We avoid celebrating Sister’s Day even if we don’t wish them at home, but don’t forget to update our WhatsApp status, Facebook and Instagram stories. We rarely see others decorating their father’s room on Father’s Day but search the father’s love related poetry on Google and upload them showing that we have great love for our father.

No doubt that it is only the mobile phone that makes us careless towards our siblings, parents and our close relatives. We have hundreds of online friends, but we are alone in our social life. This is high time to realise this fact and know our real world, and make mind free of this cage of depression. Switch off your mobile phone, shut down the laptop, unplug your charger, and look around, and feel the beauty of this world.


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