TANK, November 11: The Betani tribe of Seetal area in Tank says they will not surrender their tribal domicile because they are subjected to action under the tribal law of Collective Responsibility.

They held a Jirga with Assistant Political Agent Mr Nasir Khan over the domicile issue. They said they would surrender the Frontier Region (FR) domicile if authorities stop imposing the collective responsibility law on them.

“Betani is a tribe, whether it is in Karachi or Dubai, and it is entitled to tribal domicile. We have even faced jail, financial losses and other issues because of our tribal status,” stated an elder at the Jirga.

The APA, Mr Nasir Khan, told the Jirga that he would forward the issue between the Betani tribes of FR and Seetal to the Home Department to resolve it.

A few days ago, the Betani tribe of FR had asked authorities to stop tribal privileges to the Betani tribes of Seetal area because they the latter were receiving benefits of both the tribal and settled areas.


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