Hudaibia Iftikhar

PESHAWAR: No doubt, the Independence Day i.e. 14 August is the day of celebration for us and we all Pakistanis celebrate it with full zest and enthusiasm but some of us almost many have forgotten the history behind it, but we confine this day only to go outside home, do one-wheeling with bikes, block the roads and make noise.

We decorate our homes with lights, flowers, and flags. We even decorate our cars with the pictures of Quaid-e-Azam, Alama Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and all the great leaders who sacrificed a lot to make us independent.

We purchase badges for our children, make them clothes with the combination of green and white colour but avoid educating or making them aware regarding the importance of Independence Day. We avoid to the teach them that how Pakistan came into being and how leaders sacrificed so much to give us a separate homeland where we are free to lead our lives as we want without any restrictions.

“It’s good to celebrate the day of independence with full enthusiasm but it is the need of today to teach our children about the history of independence,” said Sana Shah, the mother of two, from Nowshera.

The majority of us give importance to our national flag only on August 14, but what about such flags on any other day. Why do we forget to not throw such flags in the canals, garbage etc? Whether it’s not our responsibility to respect our flag throughout the entire year?

“In my opinion the celebration of 14 August is not more important, but to know the value of our nation and our national flag and also to make others informed regarding its importance is more than to embellish the streets, and homes with pictures, flags and lights,” said Saiqa Shad from Rustam, Mardan.

While talking to one of my friends about the celebration of Independence Day at home, Laila Ashfaq from Nowshera expressed her opinion regarding it and said that we can celebrate the Independence Day better if we plant a tree and spread greenery ubiquitously instead to have a party. Planting trees provides benefits to our environment, industries, and helps us lead a healthy life. She further said that at the same day we should make the campaign to clean our country so that the foreigners are attracted towards Pakistan as we are attracted towards other countries adding that it would only be possible if we start it ourselves, be the first so that others will follow you.

One of my cousins, Muhammad Yaseen while talking to TNN shared his opinion regarding the celebration of Independence Day, and said that if we provide meal and cold water to all the labourers who work in the such a hot weather then it is Sadqa-e-Jariya (continuous charity) as we always close the eyes to poor, but go to the expensive restaurants for celebration. He said everyone has their own way to celebrate happiness. There is nothing dire if someone celebrates it outside home, but as COVID-19 has been spread everywhere in the country since last year and caused great damage, therefore, people should not ignore the SOPs, must wear masks and use the sanitizers regularly to save others as well as their own lives.



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