HARIPUR: The body of a six-year-old boy, who went missing three days ago, has been recovered in Haripur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Police said that Habibur Rehman, a resident of Serai Saleh area, filed a report on May 24 that his six-year-old son Haseebullah has gone missing from his home under mysterious circumstances. Search for the child was initiated and the body of the child was recovered in a deserted place near the boy’s residence on Saturday.

The body bore torture marks and the clothes of the boy were also missing which gave credence to suspicion that the boy was subjected to sexual abuse before his murder.

Police said the boy was brutally tortured, but it will be premature to conclude that he was subjected to sexual abuse. The body was shifted to hospital for post mortem. Police said the post mortem report will determine whether the boy was subjected to sexual abuse.

A similar ancient also happened in Haripur last month in which a boy was strangulated after sexual abuse. The body of the boy was found near his house.

Despite a huge media campaign against children’s sexual abuse and demands for strictest punishments for the culprits involved in such heinous acts, such incidents are happening regularly in Pakistan.

According to annual report of Sahil, an NGO, 3,832 child abuse cases were reported in Pakistan in 2018, which means that such cases increased by 11 percent from 2017 as in that year 3,445 cases of sexual abuse were reported. Of the reported cases, 63 percent cases were from Punjab, 27 percent from Sindh, 4 percent from KP, 3 per from Islamabad and 2 per from Balochistan. The report shows KP and Balochistan have overcome the menace to some extent, while Punjab and Sindh need to work more on it.

Besides these reported cases, thousands of cases of sexual abuse of children go unreported due to social implications. However, recently due to vibrant campaign by the media and NGOs, now the trend to reporting sexual abuse cases in increasing in all parts of the country.

Some experts consider abduction, missing children and child marriage also a form of sexual abuse as all these cases result into sexual exploitation.



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