Hudaibia Iftikhar

PESHAWAR: Mehnaz Bibi has set a small business for herself at home. She has opened a shop having foodstuff which makes it easier for her neighbors to not go far away to malls or other stores but such things are available here at Menhnaz’s home. She has been doing her business for the last few years and she is tremendously content that she is making a fine profit through this and can easily satisfy her essential requirements.

Mehnaz, now 45, got married at the age of 36, and now she is having the only son who is six years old. She wants to provide him quality education. Her husband had a small job, but he quit his job and then they separated. Earlier, they lived in a joint family, but suddenly Mehnza came across new set of responsibilities of looking after her and her son. However, she proved to be strong-willed enough to make her own start-up and do not rely on others.

“One should not be bothered if she is in a problem, but such difficulties would show how you can do the whole thing on your own without seeking others’ help,” said Mehnaz.

There is hardly any women who get bold during the hard time but most of them abscond everything thinking that they are women and cannot do the men’s work as this is only the men’s duty to make money and feed his family but we are made for doing the household tasks and bringing up children.

Mehnaz is trying hard to provide better education to her son, she is bringing him up in a good way, still taking care of her husband, doing all of her house chores, but she has to do some extra efforts to make her life simple and be financially self-sufficient. Mehnaz said that it is not easy for her to manage everything on her own without her husband’s help, but sometimes we need to compromise our comfort for our children.

“I have two brothers who got married and their children are getting quality education in top colleges and universities. My son is a sensitive child and I don’t want him to feel that his mother cannot afford a better education for him,” she said, adding that she was the younger child of her parents and they love her a lot. She did not face any kind financial or other difficulty during her childhood.

This is a fact that whenever you want to do a job or start a business then you will have to do all your own, you will spend your own money, you will give your efforts to it, and you will work for day and night, there will be no one to help you out but all what they do will distract you from your work. Everyone is ready for meddling but no one is equipped for help. According to Mehnaz she doesn’t want help from others but she doesn’t want them to distract her as she is already combating with several issues in her life and this is the reason that she has kept herself busy to think less and work more.

“No one is out of stress these days; everyone is fighting with their tensions. The rich are confronting children issues mostly, the poor are facing financial issues, while unwell are struggling with their physical condition, but all we require to do is to not be disappointed, but trust Almighty Allah Who has promised us for food and He is with us in every situation,” she said.



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