Salman Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: A bride in Rustam area of Mardan has demanded books worth Rs100,000 from her husband in Haq Mahar instead of the routine demands of jewelry, car or property etc.

The girl, Naila Shimal Safi, said while talking to TNN that she has made the unique demand of books in Haq Mahar for her marriage to encourage the people to curb the obsolete traditions and bring awareness about importance of book-reading.

“Obsolete traditions on the occasion of marriage have damaged the roots of our society. The family of bride generally demands gold jewelry, property or money during marriage, but being a writer, I preferred books to tell the society that we can move in positive direction and get rid of traditions which have made our lives difficult,” she said.

Naila, who is a Pashto poetess and prose writer, says her husband Sajjad Elahi is also a good poet and their collective book ‘Chonr Malghalari’ is in its second edition. She says the book has short answers for questions of literature students. Sajjad has also written a poetry collection ‘Parkala Khushbu’ and two prose books ‘Ghaniat’ and ‘Da Khobano Khatoona’ which is a translation of Sanobar Kaka’s book.

Naila says she also served as Editor of ‘Pashtun Majalla’ at Bacha Khan Markaz Peshawar. Currently, she is serving as a visiting lecturer at a college in Charsadda, while Sajjad Elahi is serving as lecturer at Pashto Academy of the University of Peshawar.

Sajjad Elahi says he was extremely happy over the demand of his wife and considers himself lucky that his wife loves books. He says he happily accepted the demand of his wife as he also loves book-reading.

Sajjad says he and Naila studied in the same department of the University of Peshawar and both are gold medalists. He said he liked Naila and decided to make her his life partner for ever.

Javed Saqib, an M.Phil scholar, said while talking to TNN that the step of Naila will cast positive impact on development of Pashto literature. “This will connect the whole family with book-reading. It will also discourage obsolete traditions in our society,” he said.

Mufti Maaz, who administered the Nikah, said in his message on the social media that he has administered hundreds of Nikahs, but saw first time in his life that a bride made demand of books.



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