PESHAWAR: Technical fault has been removed from all the 128 buses of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project and the company running the service has claimed that the fire incidents will never happen again.

BRT Chief Executive Officer for TransPeshawar Fayyaz Ahmed said the problem of motor controller unit in all the buses has been resolved. He said that after removal of the fault, the fire incidents will not happen in the buses again. He said the test run of the buses is being carried out before full resumption. Fayyaz said the repair of buses did not cost the government as all buses were in warranty period and it was the responsibility of the Chinese company to remove the fault.

The CEO of TransPeshawar has already announced to resume BRT service from October 25. The long awaited mega project was inaugurated on August 13, but it was suspended after one month due to repeated incidents of fire eruption in the buses. Chinese engineers were brought to Peshawar to remove technical fault from the buses.

Now after removal of the fault, test run of the buses has been started again and the project is all set to resume on October 25.

Earlier, Adviser to Chief Minister on Information Kamran Bangash said the team of experts, which arrived from China, had determined the reasons behind fire incidents in BRT buses. He said the main reason behind eruption of fire in the buses is the unexpected external atmosphere and electric short circuit in motor capacitor/controller. To resolve the problem, the existing controllers in the buses have been upgraded with high capacity controllers compatible with external environment.

The KP government has come under sharp criticism particularly from the opposition parties over its mishandling of the BRT project.

The Awami National Party (ANP) provincial president Aimal Wali Khan had said in at a press conference in Peshawar that the BRT project is an example of bad governance by the KP government. He alleged that blue eyed persons were given jobs in BRT in violation of merit. He said the money spent on BRT should have been spent on development of merged tribal districts.

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