BUNER, 20 December: Local elders and elected representatives of Koga village of district Buner said the Afghan refugees occupying their land had become a nuisance for the local population and demanded of the government to accommodate them in another location.

A grand jirga of the local peace committee was held here on Sunday which was attended by elders and elected nazims. “These Afghan refugees have occupied more than 200 acres cultivable land for the last forty years. Enough is enough. We cannot offer more hospitality to them,” a member of the jirga told TNN.

The jirga members also demanded compensation from the government and said they had become fed up with the refugees. “Our financial condition is very thin. We want our land back. These refugees should be relocated to another location if the government is not deporting them,” remarked another elder of the Koga village.

The jirga members further said they would not allow construction of cadet college on their land nor they would provide it for establishing marble factories as the government had already build degree college, godown of food department and other official buildings on their property.


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