Mardan Municipal Committee officials applying dengue spray in the suburbs of the city. – Photo by Abdul Sattar

MARDAN, 26 August: A campaign for creating awareness among the people about prevention of dengue fever and applying anti-dengue spray has been launched in Mardan.

Mardan tehsil nazim Ayub Khan inaugurated the week-long campaign at Mardan Municipal Committee on Thursday. Under the campaign, the Municipal Committee employees will apply dengue spray in the whole city and surrounding villages. The Municipal Committee employees will also guide the people about measures to prevent dengue fever.

Tehsil nazim Ayub Khan told TNN that the campaign will continue for a week.

“We are launching the campaign today in all parts of the city. I will advise the people to wear socks despite hot weather to avoid dengue fever, which is a bigger problem,” he said.

Dengue mosquitos often become active in September and October and the mosquito bite causes extreme fever which can prove fatal.