The scare of militancy can’t be forgotten

That was an extremely painful time and everyone who was affected from militancy and extremism still feels that pain.

Women face consequences of climate crisis first and worst

From the extreme weather events to the wide-spreading infections and diseases, climate change is the driving force behind all of it.

‘The highest result of education is tolerance’

As independent citizens, we were given the freedom of speech and expression since the establishment of our country.

When an Afghan student asked me upon seeing my media card: ‘What is Harry...

I began my journey to Afghanistan in a tight passageway after resolving immigration concerns at the border.

Marriage can’t bring manhood to impotent person, treatment can

The affected person or his family tries their best to hide this deficiency in order to avoid being ridiculed in the community.
Internship At TNN

Most media outlets no longer offer internships

The change of life stages from a student to a professional life is not always very simple as students have to face many challenges.

Sanitary workers deserve better

When I descend into the 25 feet deep gutter, I don't know whether I will come back intact or not, says Pervaiz Masih.

The true face of humanity

Although human beings cannot see angels, but there are many human beings on the face of earth who are not less than angels.

Will children live in fear of abusers forever?

Most parents remain unaware about abuse incidents with their children as the kids don’t have the confidence to share anything.

Is single national curriculum beneficial for every child in the country?

Prime Minister Imran Khan asserted on many occasions that for creation of a ‘one nation’ a uniform curriculum is essential.

Commentary On Rankings Race Among Universities and Genuine Education in Pakistan

 Dr. Amir Hamza Bangash The Times Higher Education’s (THE) new World Universities Rankings (WUR) are public and a debate of 11 Pakistani varsities among...

The importance of biscuits in war zones

Biscuits were considered the best food in war zones, because it was easy to eat and carry while moving from one place to another.