Capable teachers needed to turn around education system in Tank

Tank is considered among the least developed areas of KP. The main reason behind backwardness is lack of basic facilities for people.

Why I became journalist

The entire world knows what Waziristan has been through and how people migrated from there during military operations and faced huge problems.

Hopefully my first journey on BRT bus won’t be the last

After a long wait, Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project was finally inaugurated on August 13, 2020 by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Modeling the role of youth for accountability

The government/administration of any state has the authority to serve their people with effective political stability and rule of law.

Landikotal Bazaar loses its traditional hustle and bustle

The shopkeepers of Landikotal Bazaar are having a difficult time now a days due to sharp decline in customers.

Discount offers or deceptive marketing tactics?

Most of the times, the customers come to conclusion that they have been fooled through deceptive marketing tactics.

Who will make online shopping websites accountable?

Rifat was again angry today as she received another dress instead of that which she had ordered on an online shopping website.

Staying close to serenity of a lake brings peace of mind

It is prosaic not to be imaginative if a person feels fatigue and exhausted and sits beside a beautiful river or on the edge of a calm lake.

Natural beauty of Pakistan is unmatched

Pakistan's northern areas are famous for its sky-high mountains, lush-green gorges, mighty rivers, beautiful lakes and amazing wildlife.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere

Here I am going to share with you, all my experiences, observations, adventures and different explorations that I took planned in order to explore nature.

The peril of child labour

A study by Unicef estimated 158 million children globally are part of labour work, which include wage labour, domestic, non-domestic and non-monitory work.

A lockdown, smart lockdown and finally no lockdown

Pakistan has emerged as a country with fastest rate of coronavirus infections as per the projections of the World Health Organization (WHO).