Are women really independent in our society?

The life of a woman in our society is so complicated that it cannot be explained simply by writing or talking about it.

The use of internet in the time of pandemic

Internet is the most recent in progression of innovative forward leaps in relational correspondence, following the telephone, radio, and TV.

‘Fata-KP merger was done to further press the people’

Three years after the formal merger of erstwhile Fata with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the area people are still waiting for reaping its benefits.

‘I would educate my daughter come what may’

Asma Afridi from Darra Adamkhel says she remained deprived of education due to conservative thinking of her family and society at large.

‘Wanted to be a journalist from my childhood’

Journalists in Pakistan are facing all kinds of problems, but the problems of women journalists are even worse.

Sidra Ayan joins journalism despite facing staunch opposition from family

Sidra Ayan So from childhood, every human being wishes to join one profession or another,  when they grow up but since childhood, I did not...

Domestic violence and its impacts on society and children

The instances of viciousness against women in Pakistan multiplied over the last half year of 2020 when contrasted with the first six months.

Pakistan can avoid India-like situation if sanity prevails about precaution

Coronavirus is playing havoc in Pakistan during its third wave which is more dangerous than the previous two waves against all expectations.

The cobweb of poverty and child labour

It is important to remember that a large number of labourers in Pakistan include women, elderly people and also children.

Mind your own business, stay out of trouble

Posing questions for gaining knowledge is alright, but it is better to stay silent than hurting someone with sarcastic queries.

‘I am dearest daughter by making my father my best friend’

It is generally accepted in our society that daughters tend to be more obedient and helping towards parents and siblings as compared to sons.

Parents must not force daughters to reconcile with abusive in-laws

Muniba, who was burnt to death by her husband in Nowshera, was unwilling to go with her in-laws fearing her husband would kill her.