If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere

Here I am going to share with you, all my experiences, observations, adventures and different explorations that I took planned in order to explore nature.

The peril of child labour

A study by Unicef estimated 158 million children globally are part of labour work, which include wage labour, domestic, non-domestic and non-monitory work.

A lockdown, smart lockdown and finally no lockdown

Pakistan has emerged as a country with fastest rate of coronavirus infections as per the projections of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Side effects of working from home

Globalization has rotated towards de-globalization and localization since the outbreak of coronavirus in December 2019 in China and then rest of the world.

They still speak Pashtu in Jaipur, India

I read an interesting story about Hindu-Pashtuns in the Arab News and would like to share it with you as it stood tall and loud on brotherhood and harmony.

The power of taking your audience as potatoes, tomatoes and pumpkins

In 2011, when I took 4th grade exam, my teacher told me “Mamarha! We won' give you the trophy this year if you again hide yourself in the washroom.

Working women fear losing income amid coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus has impacted the lives of people world over and it has also caused closure of private schools and impacted the education of children.

Cinema business reduced to negligible size in Quetta

There were seven Pashto cinemas in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, recently, but the number has decreased to just one now.

‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’ advocates adjunction or separation of society?

These few words are not as simple in meaning as they appear to be. It is a complete school of thought pertaining to a specific mindset.

Woman a delicate commodity, but not so weak

After seeing the video of Professor Salahuddin, I am compelled to think that whether a girl is so weak than any stranger can come and act indecently?
Afghanistan peace deal

Could the safeguards in the US Taliban accord ensure peace in Afghanistan?

But this challenge has also given an opportunity to avoid the fallout -- the kind of -- Afghanistan had already witnessed after the USSR withdrawal in 1979.

Most cases of women harassment in Sindh go unreported

Women especially in rural areas of Sindh do not wish to file complaints against their harassers to avoid threats and criticism.