Electioneering gains momentum in tribal districts

Electioneering has got momentum for first ever provincial elections in tribal districts and candidates are using different strategies to woo voters.

By 2050, what if we can’t see the forests or the trees? 

Most of us are familiar with the old saying that sometimes we ‘can’t see the forest for the trees.’

Staying close to serenity of a lake brings peace of mind

It is prosaic not to be imaginative if a person feels fatigue and exhausted and sits beside a beautiful river or on the edge of a calm lake.

Why I became journalist

The entire world knows what Waziristan has been through and how people migrated from there during military operations and faced huge problems.

Who will make online shopping websites accountable?

Rifat was again angry today as she received another dress instead of that which she had ordered on an online shopping website.
Career Opportunity TNN

Working women experience anxiety over lack of career development

I was staring at the ceiling fan of my room and did not realise how much time I spent like this due to anxiety over uncertainty surrounding my career.

The role of women journalists deserves respect, appreciation in patriarchal societies

Sana Gul An obvious goal as a student is, of course, to earn a university degree. My overall goal is no different than any other...

Cinema business reduced to negligible size in Quetta

There were seven Pashto cinemas in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, recently, but the number has decreased to just one now.

Landikotal Bazaar loses its traditional hustle and bustle

The shopkeepers of Landikotal Bazaar are having a difficult time now a days due to sharp decline in customers.

Modeling the role of youth for accountability

The government/administration of any state has the authority to serve their people with effective political stability and rule of law.
How local players using live streaming to expand their audiences

How local players using live streaming to expand their audiences

Local teams don’t have enough budget to hire media specialist so the best initiative to make it live with mobile phones and let the people know the talent.

COVID-19 limits transgender community access to healthcare system in KP

Sana Ahmad The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted people’s lives around the world, including those of many marginalized people, who suddenly face additional burdens and vulnerabilities....