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Abdul Basit from Mardan fighting cancer and poverty

In a backward village of Mardan district lives a 15-year-old boy who fights cancer and the menace of poverty at the same time.

Chickpea of Karak — Cheap, healthy and tasty!

Chickpea is the second biggest crop of Karak after wheat. However, the whole agricultural land is arid and farmers depend on rain for good crop.

‘Election campaign aims to create awareness about women rights’

Naheed said that she has no competition with anyone, nor her only aim is to win the election but to give political awareness to tribal women.

‘Disability is not an obstacle to success’

In our society, persons with disabilities are usually considered a burden but in reality, they are very effective and can play an effective role for in the welfare of the society.
senior ANP leader injured in Bajaur bomb blast

Senior ANP leader injured in Bajaur bomb blast

The 65-year-old Maulana Gul Dad has lost 13 members of his family and friends – including his brother and son – in the war against Taliban.

‘Men treat lonely woman like a commodity’

Life is full of challenges. Some people surrender to their fate, while there are others who remain steadfast and keep on fighting and never accept defeat.

Role of govt in Farishta murder case was disappointing: Mian Iftikhar

The ANP central secretary general Mian Iftikhar Hussain has said the role of the government in the Farishta Mohmand murder case was disappointing.

Official negligence, contractors’ greed turn coalmines into workers’ graveyard

Shangla is poor economically as there are very few job opportunities. Most of the youth work in coalmines and in many cases they did not return home alive.
Unable to fight stigmas, had mother even tried to kill Gul Bano, however, her father had rescued his transgender child.

Unable to fight stigmas, mother had tried to kill her transgender child

Gul Bano family had to leave their native village for Karachi as they were unable to face society with a person, who is a transgender.

Mastan Khan can’t live without his jeep, big moustaches

Mastan Khan, a lively tribesman from North Waziristan, passionately loves his jeep and moustaches and he is keeping his passion alive for the last 45 years.

Jirga sees conspiracy in possible delay of polls in merged districts

The Tribal Youth Jirga has vowed to foil all conspiracies to delay the elections in provincial constituencies of the tribal districts.
‘Poets in Waziristan aren’t free’ a Conversation with Pashto poet Sheen Malang 1

‘Poets in Waziristan aren’t free’: a conversation with Pashto poet Sheen Malang

Sheen Malang lamented that poets in Waziristan have never received government support or coverage from mainstream media.