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Law and order challenges resurface in Hasankhel

The incidents of robberies, targeted killings and other crimes have troubled the locals, while search operations is another cause of concern.

Where there is a will, there is a way

Asmatullah, a businessman in Orakzai tribal district has done what has been taught in the proverb “where there is a will, there is a way”.

Old times were better in Orakzai

In merged tribal districts, the economic position of people was better before the start of militancy and military operations.

Ban on hunting in Orakzai confined to paper only

Deputy Commissioner Orakzai Muhammad Khalid has issued a notification that all kinds of hunting will remain banned in the district.

Students of North Waziristan still deprived of online education

The students of North Waziristan tribal district are deprived of the facility of online education due to lack of internet.

No visible campaign to discourage use of naswar

Naswar is stuffed in floor of the mouth under the lower lip, or inside the cheek, for extended periods of time, usually for 15 to 30 minutes.

Women more prone to psychological problems during pandemic

Muskan, 29, from Landikotal, became victim of coronavirus when she was in third semester. But she was not aware of the cause.

In remote Waziristan village, people scale mountains to catch phone signals

The remote Weshtenai area of Sra Rogha tehsil in South Waziristan tribal district is deprived of basic facilities of life.

Girls supposed to quit education over social pressure in Orakzai

When I reached fifth grade, my family dropped me out from school on the plea that I am growing up and people may taunt them.

The matchless goodwill of Badayuni

Badayuni, a well-known brand of sweets is not only famous in KP, but also considered among best quality brands of sweets all over Pakistan.

‘Pain of son’s martyrdom at young age never goes away’

It is impossible to forget about my elder son Asfand. His martyrdom at such a young age broke my back. We remain in deep pain.

Girls primary school in North Waziristan on verge of collapse

The girls primary school in Shalam Kot area of North Waziristan is presenting the look of ruins and the classrooms are about to collapse.