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Female law students from merged areas get scholarships

While urban Pakistan witnesses women practicing law and some are also in positions of power, the situation is far from ideal in most regions of KP.

‘I was worried about my mother after contracting coronavirus’

Hazrat Ali isolated himself at home and started extreme caution, but other members of the family were not taking the issue seriously.

Lack of facilities, cultural impediments keep Mandran Kalan girls deprived of education

Due to lack of any separate girls school, about 80 percent girls belonging to humble background in Basti Darbar village attend classes in the boys school.

Coping with mental health issues during pandemic

Mahnoor Laila, 27, is a clinical psychologist who is playing a vital role in handling women mental health issues during the coronavirus pandemic.

North Waziristan students protest against lack of internet facility

Dozens of youth participated in the protest and they also danced on drumbeats as a unique protest according to tribal tradition.

Fear of coronavirus keeping people away from govt hospitals

Several people are not going to government hospitals to consult doctors nowadays because they fear they might end up in coronavirus quarantine centre.

‘Coronavirus threat is real, but doubts still persist’

Coronavirus was considered just a rumour in most parts of tribal districts when it first emerged in China and Pakistan was not affected as such.

Katta Mir, a unique tradition of Afridi tribe on Chand Raat

Different tribes of Pakhtuns, particularly in merged districts, have their distinct and unique traditions which become synonymous with their identity.

Inordinate delay in corona test results trouble quarantined people in Shangla

Some rumours are also circulating about the disease and the non-serious attitude of the administration sometimes give credence to such rumours.

Mandran Kalan people deprived of clean drinking water facility

The people of Mandran Kalan in Dera Ismail Khan are contracting various diseases due to lack of clean drinking water facility.

Owner provides hostel building for quarantine in Lower Dir

A local resident has announced to provide his boys hostel building having 54 furnished rooms for a quarantine facility for suspected coronavirus patients.

Poor people face greater threat from hunger than coronavirus

Coronavirus has impacted the whole world and routine life has also been disturbed after over two weeks of partial lockdown.