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Katta Mir, a unique tradition of Afridi tribe on Chand Raat

Different tribes of Pakhtuns, particularly in merged districts, have their distinct and unique traditions which become synonymous with their identity.

Inordinate delay in corona test results trouble quarantined people in Shangla

Some rumours are also circulating about the disease and the non-serious attitude of the administration sometimes give credence to such rumours.

Mandran Kalan people deprived of clean drinking water facility

The people of Mandran Kalan in Dera Ismail Khan are contracting various diseases due to lack of clean drinking water facility.

Owner provides hostel building for quarantine in Lower Dir

A local resident has announced to provide his boys hostel building having 54 furnished rooms for a quarantine facility for suspected coronavirus patients.

Poor people face greater threat from hunger than coronavirus

Coronavirus has impacted the whole world and routine life has also been disturbed after over two weeks of partial lockdown.

Why North Waziristan students can’t avail facility of online classes?

The Youth of Waziristan, an organisation of the educated youth in North Waziristan, has announced boycott of online classes in the universities.

‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’ advocates adjunction or separation of society?

These few words are not as simple in meaning as they appear to be. It is a complete school of thought pertaining to a specific mindset.

Archaeological sites in Khyber need government attention

Jamrud sub-division of Khyber tribal district has rich archaeological relics of ancient times when humans used to live in caves, and Buddhist artifacts.

Women protest over massive increase in University Town Club membership fee

The women said it is the responsibility of the government to provide places for recreation, but it was depriving them even of the existing facilities.

Pakistan’s fastest man sells rice to make ends meet

Muhammad Sami Khan, who sells rice in a local bazaar, is known by locals for his special rice, but the nation knows him as Pakistan’s fastest sprint runner.

What’s the issue with Zone-3 in KP competitive exams?

The demand for establishment of Zone-6 in KP for competition exams under the Public Service Commission has again been made by the candidates from Zone-3.

Students in North Waziristan stage protest for reopening of closed schools

The students in North Waziristan on Friday held a demonstration for reopening of the closed schoolsand promotion of education in the region.