Minorities' dilemma: Non-Muslim students study Islamic studies in schools

Minorities’ dilemma: Non-Muslims have to study Islamic studies in schools

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board has already developed ethics subject for minorities but most of the educational institutions haven’t yet implemented this policy.

‘I am an American and I am in love with Pakistan’

In her message to the people of Pakistan, she said they should state hard work and make their name as western media has already distorted their true identity and name.

‘People should migrate from area where there is no water’

Schoolteacher Gul Rehamn, hailing from erstwhile FR Peshawar was living in Karachi and he came back to his native village Fridi after his transfer in 1987.
‘Teachers force us to do their household work during school timings’

‘Teachers force us to do their household work during school timings’

Parents asked the KP education department to visit the school and take action against the teachers so that the precious time of their children can be protected.

Lady health workers in Landikotal protest over non-payment of salaries

The lady health workers of Landikotal sub-division of Khyber tribal district have said that they have not received their salaries for the last four months.

Women seek de-escalation of tension between rival tribes in North Waziristan

Sherkhel and Glagkhel tribes in Ghulam Khan tehsil of North Waziristan are at loggerheads since long over the ownership of a land.
Hospital in Ladha Without basic facilities

South Waziristan: Hospital in Ladha without basic facilities

There is 35 member staff in Ladha hospital but they are not only lazy in performing their duties but also not enough to cater to the requirements of growing number of patients.

Abdul Basit from Mardan fighting cancer and poverty

In a backward village of Mardan district lives a 15-year-old boy who fights cancer and the menace of poverty at the same time.

Chickpea of Karak — Cheap, healthy and tasty!

Chickpea is the second biggest crop of Karak after wheat. However, the whole agricultural land is arid and farmers depend on rain for good crop.

‘Election campaign aims to create awareness about women rights’

Naheed said that she has no competition with anyone, nor her only aim is to win the election but to give political awareness to tribal women.

‘Disability is not an obstacle to success’

In our society, persons with disabilities are usually considered a burden but in reality, they are very effective and can play an effective role for in the welfare of the society.
senior ANP leader injured in Bajaur bomb blast

Senior ANP leader injured in Bajaur bomb blast

The 65-year-old Maulana Gul Dad has lost 13 members of his family and friends – including his brother and son – in the war against Taliban.