‘Youth becoming ice drug addicts at music functions’

Shabbir said one of the main reasons behind increase in the number of addicts is that the administration is not taking proper steps to stop this practice.

Pakhtuns keep alive centuries-old tradition of Ashar

Under the tradition of Ashar, Pakhtuns help each other in construction work, farming, gardening and other collective works.

‘Unrealistic to expect from one teacher to teach whole school’

There is only one teacher in the primary school in Babra Lakki in Chapar Mishti tehsil of Central Orakzai for the last one year.

‘Sister city’ of Korean city in Swabi has great tourism potential

Chota Lahor city of Swabi in KP has been declared a ‘sister city’ of a South Korean city due to Buddhist relics in the area.

Education, healthcare facilities required more than tourism in merged districts

Afridi tribes are residing in Hasankhel, Bora Jwaki, Ashukhel and Jenakor areas of sub-division Peshawar (former FR Peshawar).

Climate change taking its toll on farming in Swabi

Recent rains and hailstorms in Swabi have damaged the standing crops, particularly the maize crops, due to which the farmers suffered huge damages.

Govt College in Yakkaghund lacks basic facilities

The Government Degree College in Yakkaghund area of Mohmand tribal district lacks basic facilities due to which the college students face many difficulties.

70 percent people in Khwezai, Baizai tehsils lack water facility

People of Khwezai and Baizai tehsils of Mohmand are facing severe water shortage due to shortage of tube wells and underground water resources.
Dastar – a fading Pakhtun tradition

Dastar – a fading Pakhtun tradition

It is a symbol of the culture that has been passed down from generation to generation, but now the new generation has forgotten their ancestral heritage, Shamla, with a time of development.

Was displacement a blessing in disguise for tribal women?

The life of displacement for people of merged districts brought many miseries as they left their houses and were forced to live under difficult conditions.
Girl School in Shamozai faces teaching staff shortage

Lack of teaching staff impedes girls’ education in Bajaur

There are also only two teachers in government girls high school who are unable to teach the whole school in a proper manner.

Restoration of NADRA office in Miranshah sought

About 98 percent people displaced after military operation in North Waziristan have returned to their native areas, according to official data.