LHWs are not paid for many months

Untold Story of 49 Lady Health Works In Kurram Agency affected by communal riots

49 LHWs from Parachinar have not been provided with salaries which resulted in stoppage of health services.

‘Impossible for one teacher to handle 100 students’

There is only one teacher for over a hundred students of primary school in Chapar Meshti area of Orakzai Agency.
Mirali Protest sit in ended

Mir Ali protesters end sit-in after authorities promise to end target killings

"We have lost nears and dears, spent years in tents and suffered miseries and if their is still no peace and security then what have lost and suffered are useless," said Ibrar Wazir, a protester.
Restoration of mobile signals light up faces in Mohmand Agency

Mobile service resumption bring smiles to people in Mohmand Agency

Mobile phone service was suspended in Mohmand Agency in March last year due to security concerns.

Govt run Hospital in South Waziristan remains without doctors

The hospital was under-construction when militants bombed it in 2008 but then Pak army started its reconstruction and completed it in 2016.

A cottage school in Khyber Agency delivers free education to Girls

In the remote Warmando Mela area of Jamrud sub-division of Khyber Agency, Umar Ayub Afridi, a local young man, has established a small community school in a hut which is running successfully for the last two years.

Waziristanis protest non-compensation for damaged houses

Scores of residents of North Waziristan Agency staged a protest demonstration on Friday against non-compensation for damaged houses in Zarb-e-Azb military operation.

Speeding is factor to road accidents on Bannu-Miran Shah Road

Traffic incidents have been increased on the newly-built Bannu-Miran Shah Road due to unavailability of speed breakers and over-speeding.