Students of North Waziristan school attending classes under open sky

The students of Boys Primary School Noor Ayaz Kot Haiderkhel in North Waziristan are compelled to attend their classes under the open sky.

BHU sans medicines and doctors in Hasankhel

There is only one basic health unit (BHU) for 4,000 population of Fridi tribe in Sub-Division Hasankhel which is almost negligible.

Missing girls college in Mohmand rediscovered after 10 years

The Girls Degree College Chanda in Mohmand tribal district was inaugurated by former Member National Assembly Bilal Rehman in 2010.

Why locals staged protest during Mamadgat Cadet College inauguration?

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan during his visit to Mohmand tribal district formally inaugurated Mamadgat Cadet College.

Students in Buner school attending classes in demolished building

About 380 students are enrolled in the school, but their academic activities are being affected due to the existing condition of building.

‘Got peace of mind after writing Pashto names on shops’

Musa Salar complained that Culture Department of KP has no mechanism for helping in efforts made for promotion of Pashto literature.

What Gaju Khan did on birth of Akhund Panju Baba?

Hazrat Syed Abdul Wahab, popularly known as Akhund Baba (RA) was considered among the greatest saints of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Tribal students with no internet facility hit harder by Covid19

Misbah Ud Din Utmani Apart from its severe negative impact on the global economy, the students of the less-developed tribal districts have been hit hard...

Colours of Arab culture in a small village of Shangla

Rice cooked in an underground oven and big pieces of meat – this is a dish prepared by the youth of Shangla which is called ‘mandi’.

Students’ resilience forces cellular company to restore internet service in shangla

Tariq Aziz (Citizen Journalist) The resilience of university students from a comparatively backward district Shangla forced a multinational cellular company to provide better services to...

Growing up girls in Waziristan supposed to stop education, help in domestic work

Many girls in South Waziristan can’t continue their education beyond primary level because of a particular mindset.

‘Drugs use separated me from parents, siblings’

A drug addict in Peshawar says when time came to serve his parents, he indulged in unnecessary activities.