Ghag: A cruel tradition in tribal district Kurram

Ghag: A cruel tradition in tribal district Kurram

Tribal women still suffer at the hand of a century-old tribal cultural practice known as Ghag. It is prevalent in parts of KP and tribal districts.

Sympathy, affection can make world better living place

Every human being comes to this mortal world empty-handed and returns the same way. The only thing a human being carries with him is his good or bad deeds.
Lack of high school impedes girls' education in Qambar Khel village

Lack of high school impedes girls’ education in Wali Khel village

Khyber Education Officer said that staff will soon be deployed in the school either this month or next month after that it will be given the status of high school.

Razia Mehsud gets special award for first female journalist of S Waziristan

Razia Mehsud received an award from the Pakistan Army during a function arranged in connection with Defence and Martyrs Day in Sra Rogha area.

Youth indulging in drug use due to lack of football ground in Landikotal

Construction work on a football ground in a high school in Landikotal tehsil of Khyber district remains incomplete three years after initiation of work.

How 1,859 students missed admission in govt colleges in Bajaur?

As many as 1,859 students remained deprived of admission in Bajaur tribal district due to shortage of government colleges.

Bara: Unregistered Industry is a source of pollution for local people

Unregistered industries and mills in residential area of Bara have become an immense source of pollution and are causing great trouble for local people.

What Gandhi offered to great-grandfather of Aneeta Mehsud?

The PTI leader Aneeta Mehsud has become first woman member of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly from special seat reserved for women.
Rain triggers landslides in Torghar, hamper traffic

Rain triggers landslides in Torghar, hamper traffic

Police Muhrar, Fazal Khan, came under landslide and died on the spot in Dadam Khel area of Torghar district

A brave woman’s journey from poverty to stability

Bas Pari has not confined her livelihood to the swing for children in her house, rather she also do physical labour to look after her family.
Minorities' dilemma: Non-Muslim students study Islamic studies in schools

Minorities’ dilemma: Non-Muslims have to study Islamic studies in schools

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board has already developed ethics subject for minorities but most of the educational institutions haven’t yet implemented this policy.

‘I am an American and I am in love with Pakistan’

In her message to the people of Pakistan, she said they should state hard work and make their name as western media has already distorted their true identity and name.