Plastic bags on the surface of irrigation canal in Gulbahar

Plastic bags continue to pollute environment despite ban

Plastic bags are cheap to produce, easy to carry and store that’s why the flimsy carrier bags have captured almost 100 per cent of KP markets.

Team up to save water before it’s too late: Experts

KP has started charging Rs1 per litre from water companies in light of the Supreme Court judgment.

Chitral needs alternative energy sources to protect forests

Spring tree plantation campaign has been initiated in Chitral and in this regard a ceremony was arranged near the Chitral Airport.

‘Today 2.1 billion people live without safe water’

Water is vital for survival and,helps protect and environmental health.Our bodies,our cities,our agriculture and our ecosystems all depend on it

Environmental hazards in Peshawar unlikely to end with BRT completion

The BRT in Peshawar is under criticism due to ill-planning, while the claims made in its PC-1 about environment protection are unlikely to be materialised.
Adnan Ahmad inspects dying bees at his farm in Nowshera district. PHOTO: Hidayat Khan

Honey bees unable to bear shocks of climate change

The apiarist said he has lost almost 40 % of bees unexpectedly during the summer season, which says was due to extreme weather conditions – rising temperature, dust storms, erratic rain patterns.
Smoke Emits from brick kiln in Sarband, Peshawar.

Peshawar’s Brick Kilns Poisoning the Environment

Pulmonologists said due to emission the brick kilns workers and people in surrounding areas get various diseases like narrowing down of lungs vesicles, premature ageing and eyes disease.

FAO, SDC to develop ‘first State of food security and Nutrition in Pakistan’ report

This will be the first national-level State of Food Security and Nutrition in Pakistan report prepared along the lines of FAO’s annual flagship report on the global and regional level.

#Doable PSC 2019: Journalists share best practices for reporting on climate security

Experts shared tips with 15 reporters from developing countries on how to use innovative storytelling techniques to improve coverage of climate security

WSSP warns hospitals against dumping wastes in its containers

The Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) has asked the public sector and private hospitals to stop using its bins for dumping wastes.

‘Rapid environmental changes posing serious challenges to national development’

Eco Summit 2019, an environment summit kicked off at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Peshawar on Wednesday.

Chief Minister announces ban on use of polythene bags

He also directed for constitution of a committee to suggest an alternate solution against the use of polythene bags.