‘10-minute regular class is better than one-hour online class’

When educational institutions were closed first time due to coronavirus lockdown, Malaika thought she would go to uncle’s home and have fun.

‘We thought breathing difficulty would take our life’

Life is precious. We realized it when we contracted corona. When we had breathing problems, we felt it might be last time we are breathing.

Online education system will improve with time

Coronavirus has disrupted daily lives of people all around the world and it would take enormous efforts to bring things back to normal.

What corona infected lactating mothers should do to feed infants?

The real challenge lies for parents who aspire to strike a balance between earning livelihood and ensuring social distancing as well.

Vendors making handsome earning from selling masks amid spike in corona cases

Coronavirus has caused loss of millions of lives worldwide, but it has also created few jobs particularly for vendors selling facemasks.

Marriages in the time of corona become simpler

The wedding functions used to be an enjoyable practice in our society, but that is no longer the case during the times of coronavirus.

Another doctor dies of coronavirus in KP

Another doctor died of coronavirus in KP on Monday, after which the death toll of doctors from the infection mounted to 51 in the province.

KP bans inter-city public transport 2 days a week

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to suspend all sorts of inter-city public transport for two days in a week till further orders.

Gulalai’s ‘Blood Heroes’ saving lives of corona, thalassemia patients

Blood Heroes is a KP-based NGO working to save the lives of hundreds of patients who are in serious need of blood donations.

PoR card renewal for Afghan refugees postponed due to COVID-19

The Government of Pakistan and UNHCR remain committed to the DRIVE exercise, which will be undertaken as soon as conditions permit.

Feeling headache or fever after corona vaccination is normal

Coronavirus cases have witnessed increase during its third wave in Pakistan after which the vaccination process has also been stepped up.

Schools in 6 more districts of KP closed

The KP government on Monday announced closure of schools in six more districts owing to increasing coronavirus cases across the province.