Women tend to believe more in rumours about vaccination?

Like rest of the world, vaccination process against coronavirus is also continuing in Pakistan, but its pace is very slow.

Pakistan approves booster shot of Covid-19 vaccines

Pakistan has approved booster shot of Covid-19 vaccines in the aftermath of emergence of Omicron variant on Wednesday. The decision was made in the meeting...

New Global Survey Raises Red Flags for Journalism in the COVID-19 Era

Facing everything from a barrage of disinformation to heightened security risks and a mental health crisis, journalists around the world are contending with myriad...

Does Covid19 cause postponement of Local Government polls in KP?

Nabi Jan Orakzai, Muhammad Tayyeb Despite the passage of more than one year, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has failed to hold new Local Government elections...

Several areas in Peshawar come under smart lockdown

Several more areas of Peshawar have come under smart lockdown owing to the increasing number of coronavirus infections.

People protest against mismanagement at Bara vaccination centre

The hospital sources told TNN that data entry is not possible when internet facility is not available, so the process remains slow.

‘Polio vaccination during coronavirus pandemic is a big challenge’

KP Chief Secretary Dr Kazim Niaz Friday inaugurated the anti-polio campaign by administering vaccine to children below the age of five years.

KP private schools reject govt decision to close educational institutions

Private schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have rejected the federal government’s decision to close educational institutions in the whole country.

COVID-19 lockdown adds to woes of public

With the rise in the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan’s different cities, the government imposed a countrywide lockdown in March 2020.

Grand Mufti says not permissible for corona patients to mix with others

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh says that it is not permissible for coronavirus patients to mix up with others.

Vaccination for Afghan woman, certificate for Pakistani woman

TNN came to know about two such cases where officials made entry into the data system of Nadra without actually administering vaccine.

Tribal students with no internet facility hit harder by Covid19

Misbah Ud Din Utmani Apart from its severe negative impact on the global economy, the students of the less-developed tribal districts have been hit hard...