KP govt hints at blocking SIMs, travel ban on unvaccinated people

The minister said the percentage of fake certification is low in KP, and the government is taking action against those involved in it.

No end in sight to lady health workers woes amid rising cases of Omicron...

Abdul Qayyum Afridi Health department officials are trying to speed up the Covid-19 vaccination in the face of spread of Omicron variant in the province. In...

COVID-19 universally affects religious tourism

Ali Afzal Parachinar: Beside its disastrous impacts on the global economy, the coronavirus pandemic has also affected religious communities across the board. Millions of Muslims...

Government’s cold-shoulder response to expats’ sufferings invites widespread criticism

Tariq Aziz The overseas Pakistanis suffered heavily due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While thousands had lost their livelihoods due to the prolonged lockdowns and travel...

Fake, unauthenticated SM content about Covid19 prove helpful in virus’ spread

Abdul Qayyum Afridi PESHAWAR: When the coronavirus pandemic was claiming lives across the world, the internet particularly social media was abuzz with disinformation in Pakistan...

What corona infected lactating mothers should do to feed infants?

The real challenge lies for parents who aspire to strike a balance between earning livelihood and ensuring social distancing as well.

30 test corona positive at Peshawar Airport from Doha inbound flight

In an alarming development, at least 30 passengers arriving from Doha on Sunday at Peshawar Airport tested positive after coronavirus tests.

Heirs of health workers who lost their lives to Covid-19 waiting for compensation’s payment

Mehrab Shah Afridi and Tayyab Mohammadzai Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Young Doctors Association that heirs of several of health staff who lost their lives due to pandemic...

Nowshera teachers contract coronavirus, 16 schools closed in KP

After Peshawar, now 10 employees of a school in Nowshera have been diagnosed with coronavirus after which they have been quarantined.

Japan grants $9.5 million to Pakistan for confronting COVID-19

Japan has extended a grant assistance of JPY 1 billion to Pakistan for enhancing its capacity to confront COVID-19 and other diseases.

Coronavirus pandemic intensifies housemaids’ dilemma 

Razia Mehsud As the number of corona positive patients rises amidst the second wave of the pandemic, uncertainty looms over Salma as she fears what...

56 more die of corona in Pakistan

Corona fatalities, infections and positivity rate are constantly on the downward trend for the last six days.