Schools in 6 more districts of KP closed

The KP government on Monday announced closure of schools in six more districts owing to increasing coronavirus cases across the province.

Most women in merged districts yet to get corona vaccination

Many women in merged tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have still not received coronavirus vaccination.

KP health staff deprived of Covid-19 allowance for past many months

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Young Doctors Association said that provincial government has failed to pay them their allowance in lieu of Covid-19 duties despite lapse of...

Students’ resilience forces cellular company to restore internet service in shangla

Tariq Aziz (Citizen Journalist) The resilience of university students from a comparatively backward district Shangla forced a multinational cellular company to provide better services to...

KP Ulema assure support for corona SOPs implementation

The Ulema on Saturday assured the KP government of full support in implementation of SOPs to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Prices of facemasks, sanitizers drop as Pakistan braces second wave of corona

Misbah ud Din PESHAWAR: The demand for hand sanitizers and facemask suddenly went high in March and April last year when the novel coronavirus started...

Charsadda people vow to restrict participation in weddings, funerals

The third wave of coronavirus is also making its impact felt in Charsadda and the administration is imposing strict precautionary measures.

Pandemic forcing transgender to seek alternate source of income

Dollar, a transgender from Peshawar, faced stark economic choices during the pandemic. The ban on marriages functions had dealt a crushing economic blow on...

Fact Check: Senna leaves are not beneficial in Covid-19

Muhammad Faheem Afridi Noor Muhamamd Khan, a septuagenarian from Peshawar had made it mandatory for his family to drink herbal tea made out of senna tree...

Creative activities helpful in mitigating stress during pandemic

According to health experts, the level of anxiety and depression is reported higher among patients with lower socioeconomic status.

Coronavirus test mandatory for crossing Torkham, Chaman borders

The government has declared coronavirus test mandatory for the citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan crossing the Torkham and Chaman borders.

Fatwa declares corona vaccine permissible under Shariah

In order to counter growing propaganda against coronavirus vaccine, Darul Afta Pakistan has issued a fatwa (edict).