Charsadda people vow to restrict participation in weddings, funerals

The third wave of coronavirus is also making its impact felt in Charsadda and the administration is imposing strict precautionary measures.

Corona has made lives of labourers more challenging

In the present era, it has become difficult for a labourer to earn livelihood as remuneration is received after difficulty.

Litigants fear delayed justice as courts only hearing cases of ‘urgent’ nature

Amid the third wave of coronavirus, the Peshawar High Court (PHC) has decided to hear only the cases of urgent nature during Ramazan.

Pandemic won’t go away by blaming others

Coronavirus has no doubt wreak havoc in the world and it is first time during last few years that people are seeing death from so close.

Careless attitudes towards SOPs increasing corona cases in Lakki

The situation is turning bad in Lakki Marwat during the third wave of coronavirus mainly because of careless attitude of people towards SOPs.

Will the closure of schools help contain the spread of coronavirus?

Maryam Anam The third wave of the CoronaVirus epidemic has not only claimed many lives in Pakistan but has also put a break to the...

Mardan reels from alarmingly high corona positivity ratio

Like the first wave of coronavirus in Pakistan, the third wave has also affected Mardan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the most.

Grand Mufti says not permissible for corona patients to mix with others

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh says that it is not permissible for coronavirus patients to mix up with others.

Two more doctors, nurse succumb to corona in KP

The alarming situation of coronavirus during its third wave in KP is continuing as two more doctors and a nurse lost their lives on Tuesday.

Depression and anxiety on the rise amid corona pandemic

Coronavirus has claimed millions of lives worldwide, while its fear has also caused mental discomfort among the healthy people.

Pakistan reports highest single day death toll from corona this year

Pakistan has recorded 149 more deaths from novel coronavirus, the second-highest coronavirus fatalities since the pandemic emerged last year.

‘10-minute regular class is better than one-hour online class’

When educational institutions were closed first time due to coronavirus lockdown, Malaika thought she would go to uncle’s home and have fun.