School drop out and child labor on the rise due to pandemic

Javid Mahmood Pandemic has left devastating effects on child psychology and education, argue child rights activist and teachers. They say that government has failed to...

Pandemic forcing transgender to seek alternate source of income

Dollar, a transgender from Peshawar, faced stark economic choices during the pandemic. The ban on marriages functions had dealt a crushing economic blow on...

KP LG polls 2021 poses daunting challenge of Covid-19 SOPs implementation

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s 17 districts are headed to local government (LG) election on December 19. The stage for polls has been set as political parties...

Minority communities suffering economic blows of pandemic

Covid-19 economic consequences have badly hit the religious minorities across Pakistan. Members of Sikh minority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa say that they have greatly suffered economically...

Covid-19 is ravaging minorities in KP

Asim Masih, a Christian sanitary worker has been in work of keeping streets of Hayatabad clean for past two decades. Even at the peak of...

Pakistani religious scholars using pulpit to fight disinformation against Covid-19 vaccines

Abdul Sattar Pakistani religious scholars are using pulpit to fight disinformation against Covid-19 vaccines and trying to spread the message that vaccination against the pandemic...

Working children not sure about utility of corona vaccine

The government has initiated a process of administering coronavirus vaccine to people above 12 years of age.

Air travel gets dearer after coronavirus lockdown

Like other people around the country, the overseas Pakistanis were also impacted severely due to coronavirus pandemic.

‘Corona took away everything from our family’

A large number of people in Pakistan go abroad every year in search of livelihood due to prevailing situation of unemployment in the country.

Divorce ratio increased in KP during lockdowns

According to a survey, the divorce ration in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa increased by almost 50 percent during coronavirus lockdowns.

Those suspicious about corona vaccination using ‘safe option’ of fake certificates

Maryam said even a headache pill cannot be available free of cost, then how a precious vaccine is provided forcibly to people.

Misconceptions about corona vaccination still prevail despite govt assurances

Like other parts of the world, misconceptions about coronavirus vaccination still exist despite assurances by the government authorities.