Coronavirus pandemic largely affects marriage ceremonies

CJ Bushra Mehsud  Before the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic in Pakistan, the wedding season was going on with full boom as people had...

Unauthenticated social media content contributes to coronavirus spread

When the coronavirus pandemic was claiming lives across the world, the internet particularly social media was abuzz with disinformation.

Online education system will improve with time

Coronavirus has disrupted daily lives of people all around the world and it would take enormous efforts to bring things back to normal.

Parents have divided views about corona vaccination to students

A woman, who had to adopt a girl because she did not have children, says she now cannot risk the same deficiency for her daughter.

Afghan refugees facing problems in getting Covid-19 vaccines

Bakhtar Khan Muhammad Asif, 30, an Afghan national left his country and fled to Pakistan following the fall of Kabul earlier in August last year....

591 corona patients in Pakistan in critical condition

Spike has been witnessed in the coronavirus positivity rate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and rest of the country.

Coronavirus pandemic multiplies Afghan refugees’ miseries

The Afghan refugees, who have been living in different camps, have been facing the brunt of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns.

COVID-19 causes heavy losses to fruit, vegetable growers, traders

The coronavirus pandemic is not only a global health issue, it is also having devastating impacts on the world economy.

Women tend to believe more in rumours about vaccination?

Like rest of the world, vaccination process against coronavirus is also continuing in Pakistan, but its pace is very slow.

Pakistan approves booster shot of Covid-19 vaccines

Pakistan has approved booster shot of Covid-19 vaccines in the aftermath of emergence of Omicron variant on Wednesday. The decision was made in the meeting...

Pakistani stars partner with US embassy on music video promoting Covid-19 vaccinations

US embassy Islamabad has partnered with Sarmad Khoosat to produce a Covid-19 themed song promoting Covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots. Singer Atif Aslam and Shae...

New Global Survey Raises Red Flags for Journalism in the COVID-19 Era

Facing everything from a barrage of disinformation to heightened security risks and a mental health crisis, journalists around the world are contending with myriad...