Merged districts getting Rs18b subsidy in energy sector

Prime Minister Imran Khan has been told that Rs18 billion has been given in the head of subsidy in power bills to merged tribal districts.

Khassadars won’t register FIRs until acceptance of demands

Khassadar Force personnel in tribal districts have announced to boycott registration of FIRs of cases until their demands are accepted by the government.

Kurram students demand restoration of quota system for medical college admissions

The HEC has introduced a new policy for admission in medical colleges according to which a combined merit list will be displayed for all tribal districts.

Only 12 RTI applications filed in merged districts in one and half years

Like other laws of KP, the RTI Law was also extended to merged tribal districts after Fata-KP merger under the 25th constitutional amendment.

Is new Jirgs system in merged districts against the law?

The ADR law introduced by the KP government to resolve disputes in merged tribal districts through tribal Jirgas has been challenged in the PHC.

Why tribal lawmakers are unhappy over reconciliatory Jirgas?

TNN talked to lawmakers from merged districts about ADR rules and found that some lawmakers have even not bothered to read the draft of the new rules.

Composition of reconciliatory Jirgas in merged districts raises eyebrows

The establishment of reconciliatory Jirgas in merged tribal districts by the KP government has triggered a new debate on its legal status and viability.

What people say about recruitment of teachers in merged districts?

The decision about relaxing condition of educational qualification for filling teaching posts in merged districts has drawn criticism from some quarters.

Highly qualified candidates will get top priority for teaching posts: Bangash

If no application is received from highly-qualified candidates, then matric-level candidates will be appointed on vacant teaching seats as a compulsion.

How recruitment of matric passed teachers will impact education standards?

A recent report of Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) painted the real picture of the state of affairs in schools in merged districts.

Mohmand elders oppose courts, police system in tribal districts

Tribesmen expressed that tribal areas have a strong Jirga system to resolve their disputes and will never allow extension of police and courts to tribal districts.

Panel discussion: Tribal MPAs to face tough challenges ahead

Senior lawyer Hashim Khan Mengal, tribal elder Malik Attaullah Mehsud and women rights activist Shagufta Gul took part in the panel discussion.