How recruitment of matric passed teachers will impact education standards?

A recent report of Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) painted the real picture of the state of affairs in schools in merged districts.
FATA,FATA Reforms, Local Government 2017 in FATA

Tribal People are uncertain about the proposed local bodies polls in 2017

Efforts are being underway to introduce reforms in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) on official level and the tribal population is also participating...

Giving share in NFC award is right of FATA people, not a favour

Tribal people support the federal government's decision of giving share to FATA in NFC Award and ask for its early implementation. Tariq Dawar from Miranshah,...

Efforts underway to extend laws to Tribal areas: Shaukat Yousafzai

Shaukat urged concern authorities to facilitate government and play their due role to fully merge the erstwhile Fata with KP.

Tribal people waiting for government’s decision on future status of FATA

Since the beginning of consultations for the reforms process by the government, the political parties, social organisations and tribal elders and youth are actively...

Panel discussion: Benefits of merger haven’t reached to common man

Experts in a panel discussion arranged by TNN said the benefits of the FATA merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have not reached to the common man.

What will be the future of Khasadar force after the creation of police stations...

Malik Faizullah Jan: All the MNAs signed a document six months ago that our traditions and customs will remain the same. Introduction of police culture in FATA will damage our Jirga system and other traditions.

Tribesmen seek implementation of FATA reforms before upcoming general elections

Fazal Ameen, a social worker active in the fields of health and education in FATA, believes that reforms are possible even during this short period.

FATA reforms bill suspended over the question of merger and Riwaj Act

The FATA reforms process is again facing suspension since May this year mainly due to differences among the FATA parliamentarians over the mode of reforms in the tribal areas.

Pakistan Baitul Mal office set up in South Waziristan

After merger of erstwhile Fata with KP, the scope of different departments of the province has been extended to the newly merged tribal districts.

Proposal of setting up police stations in FATA sparks debate among tribal people

The hundred years old law of Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) is still in place in FATA under which Khassadars, Levies and Frontier Corps are...

Panel discussion: Women voters to shape outcome of tribal districts elections

Women candidates directly contesting elections in tribal districts have said support of women voters can be decisive factor in the outcome of elections.