Islamabad sit-in for FATA reforms and PM’s promises

The FATA reforms package could not be implemented eight months after its approval by the federal cabinet. Member National Assembly from Khyber Agency Al-Haaj...

The proposed Riwaj Act to keep FATA status as male dominant region

The FATA reforms committee formed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has recommended a number of reforms in the administrative, judicial and political structure of...

Merged districts getting Rs18b subsidy in energy sector

Prime Minister Imran Khan has been told that Rs18 billion has been given in the head of subsidy in power bills to merged tribal districts.

Tribal women launch efforts for developing consensus among stakeholders on  FATA reforms

Almost two years after commencement of FATA reforms process, consensus could not be created among the stakeholders on the mode of reforms due to...

‘Jirga system will co-exist with judiciary in merged districts’

Eminent legal expert Fazal Shah Mohmand says the centuries-old Jirga system will survive in the tribal districts even after arrival of the judicial system.

Political parties, people of KP favour immediate merger of FATA with the province

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government and a number of political parties have expressed reservations over the draft of the FATA reforms by the federal cabinet....
PHC issues stay order against school teachers' polio duty

‘Setting up of courts in tribal districts is top priority’

Registrar of PHC said that three-dimensional strategy is chalked out comprising of immediate intervention, mid-term action plan and long-term plan to set up courts in tribal districts.

Giving share in NFC award is right of FATA people, not a favour

Tribal people support the federal government's decision of giving share to FATA in NFC Award and ask for its early implementation. Tariq Dawar from Miranshah,...

Kurram students demand restoration of quota system for medical college admissions

The HEC has introduced a new policy for admission in medical colleges according to which a combined merit list will be displayed for all tribal districts.

JUI-F workers, elders protest FATA-KP merger

Protestors also chanted slogans against Donald Trump, US president for declaring the Baitul Moqadas as Israelis’ capital.
FATA, FATA Reforms, Reforms Committtee, FCR

Delay in the passage of reforms bill from parliament draws criticism from FATA people...

The existing Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) law in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) has always been under criticism from different quarters, while the...

Inclusion of anti-merger members in Fata reforms task force raises eyebrows

The government’s move to constitute a task force for implementation of Fata reforms has got appreciation from different quarters.