Fata student’s bodies question role of tribal lawmakers in reforms process

The government has launched reforms process in Fata for the last two years, but the process could not get legal and constitutional cover so far

Tribesmen seek implementation of FATA reforms before upcoming general elections

Fazal Ameen, a social worker active in the fields of health and education in FATA, believes that reforms are possible even during this short period.
Adct Latif yousafzai, Mufti Shakoor of jui and Aisha mohmand during TNN Badloon Program regarding courts extension to FATA

Extension of higher courts to FATA will improve women lives, say experts   

The FCR law is still there and the political agent enjoys vast powers. Therefore, we can assume that the judicial system’s extension to the tribal areas left much to be desired
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Bill on extension of judiciary to FATA awaiting approval from Senate  

After a long wait, the National Assembly finally passed a bill on 12 January 2018 for extending the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Peshawar High Court (PHC) to FATA. Protests by the FATA people and statements by the opposition leaders played a crucial role in the approval of the bill from the National Assembly.

Youth, tribal leaders are concerned about transparent implementation of 10 year FATA development program

A 10-year development programme was proposed in the FATA Reforms Committee report, but unfortunately we put more emphasis on political and administrative reforms.

Residents of tribal areas seek participation, consultation over 10 year FATA development program

Although no final decision has been taken about FATA reforms, yet a commission has been formed to implement the proposed 10-year development programme.

Will political parties reach a consensus on the issue of FATA reforms?

TNN conducted interview panel comprsing Takra Qabaili Khwendo leader Naheed Afridi, JUI-F Khyber Agency ameer Mufti Ijaz Shinwari and tribal Malik Haji Hukam Khan...

Tribal women launch efforts for developing consensus among stakeholders on  FATA reforms

Almost two years after commencement of FATA reforms process, consensus could not be created among the stakeholders on the mode of reforms due to...

What will be the future of Khasadar force after the creation of police stations...

Malik Faizullah Jan: All the MNAs signed a document six months ago that our traditions and customs will remain the same. Introduction of police culture in FATA will damage our Jirga system and other traditions.

Proposal of setting up police stations in FATA sparks debate among tribal people

The hundred years old law of Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) is still in place in FATA under which Khassadars, Levies and Frontier Corps are...

Why JUI-F and FATA grand Jirga oppose FATA merger in KP?

FATA Grand Jirga and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) has announced to pursue movement for separate province. This announcement was made at a meeting of the...

Demand for FATA as separate province combines anti-merger forces

On the reforms process Public opinion has been divided in FATA over the mode of reforms in the tribal areas. The FATA Political Alliance...