RTI law will protect tribal women’s rights: Naila Altaf

Women of the newly merged tribal districts were also keenly waiting for benefits of the reforms process and merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Panel discussion: Judges must perform duties inside tribal districts

Experts in a panel discussion in Badloon programme of TNN urged the need for shifting the newly appointed judges for tribal areas inside the merged areas.

‘Jirga system will co-exist with judiciary in merged districts’

Eminent legal expert Fazal Shah Mohmand says the centuries-old Jirga system will survive in the tribal districts even after arrival of the judicial system.

Levies, Khassadars must ensure good governance after merger: Latif Afridi

Eminent lawyer Latif Afridi says a huge responsibility lies on the newly integrated Khassadar and Levies personnel to set an example of good governance.

‘Local people to be appointed on police vaccincies in tribal districts’

Said Jalal Wazir, Head of Levies and Khassadars committee, says local people will be appointed on all the new police posts in the tribal districts.

‘Tribal people have rejected forced merger with KP’

The Qabail Qaumi Tehreek (QQT) chief Hameedullah Jan Afridi along with other leaders of the movement visited Orakzai tribal district on Monday.
PHC issues stay order against school teachers' polio duty

‘Setting up of courts in tribal districts is top priority’

Registrar of PHC said that three-dimensional strategy is chalked out comprising of immediate intervention, mid-term action plan and long-term plan to set up courts in tribal districts.

Levies, Khassadars refuse to give polio drops to their children

The Levies and Khassadar force personnel have announced to boycott the upcoming polio vaccination campaign in the tribal districts.

Provincial officers seek retention of old status of Khassadars, Levies

The KP PCS Officers Association has called upon the government to retain old status of Khassadars and Levies under the respective district administrations.

24 police stations to be set up in tribal districts

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced to establish police stations in all the merged tribal districts of erstwhile Fata.

Civil administration empowered to resolve land disputes in tribal districts

The Local Government Department of KP has sent a summary to Finance Department for establishment of tehsil municipal administration in the tribal districts.

Chief Minister directs Health dept to extend Sehat Insaf cards to Tribal districts

The Chief Minister also ordered the health department officials to approve the national health reform package for the tribal districts within six months.