JI announces protest during expected visit of CM to Bara

The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) in Khyber tribal district has announced protest on the occasion of expected visit of Chief Minister Mehmood Khan to Bara.

Two more polio cases reported in Landikotal

Two more polio cases have surfaced from Landikotal after which the number of reported cases in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has reached four this year.

Kambarkhel elders, Qaumi Council reject ‘selected’ members of reconciliatory Jirgas

The elders of Kambarkhel and Qaumi Council have also rejected the selection procedure of reconciliatory Jirgas in merged tribal districts.

‘Damaged schools in Khyber to be rebuilt on priority basis’

DEO Khyber tribal district Muhammad Shaukat has said provision of facilities at militancy affected schools is top priority of the administration.

Khyber Youth Forum terms ADR an extension of FCR system

The Khyber Youth Forum has termed the establishment of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) law in merged tribal districts an extension of the FCR.

Call for resumption of students’ scholarships in merged districts

The JI MPA Sirajuddin Khan has submitted a call attention notice over closure of scholarships for students of merged districts.

Composition of reconciliatory Jirgas in merged districts raises eyebrows

The establishment of reconciliatory Jirgas in merged tribal districts by the KP government has triggered a new debate on its legal status and viability.

Merged districts students vow to oppose Safeer-e-Baldiat at every forum

The Fata Students Federation has rejected the appointment of non-local persons in Safeer-e-Baldiat project of the UNDP in merged tribal districts.

Safeer-e-Baldiat programme launched in Kurram amid boycott by local youth

The Safeer-e-Baldiat programme commented formally in Kurram tribal district on Wednesday amid boycott by the local youth.

People suffer as work on road construction delayed for 11 months

Construction work on road in Prang Ghar, Mohmand district is facing delays for the last 11 months due to which the local population is facing difficulties.

Junior officers rule the roost in Nadra offices in merged districts

It has been emerged that some offices of Nadra in tribal districts which are being run through the operators due to which the customers suffer a lot.

Mohmand Dam affectees vow to continue protests till acceptance of demands

The tribes in Mohmand tribal district affected by Mohmand Dam have announced to continue protests till they are duly compensated for their lands.