Family of slain journalist in Bara seeks justice

The relatives of slain journalist Hidayat Shah Afridi, who was a member of Bara Press Club, have alleged the murderers have backing of influential people.

Agriculture Park Wana becomes functional

The Agriculture Park was established in April, 2018 to improve the business structure in Wana Bazaar and provide a good atmosphere for customers.

North Waziristan displaced people unhappy over procedure of aid distribution

The people of Madakhel tribe of North Waziristan have rejected the government’s policy about distribution of compensation and ration among affected people.

PTI leader’s residence comes under bomb attack in Bara

The residence of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Zubair Afridi came under bomb attack in Bara tehsil of Khyber tribal district on Wednesday.

5 devotees die, 20 injured in South Waziristan accident

Five persons lost their lives and 20 others were injured when a vehicle carrying devotees met an accident in South Waziristan tribal district on Wednesday.

Balishkhel tribesmen leave houses, stage sit-in over unresolved land dispute

Hundreds of families from Balishkhel tribe in Kurram tribal district have left their area and staged a sit-in over their unresolved land dispute.

EPI employees in merged districts announce boycott of polio vaccination campaign

The employees of EPI in merged tribal districts have announced boycott of the upcoming polio vaccination campaign starting July 13 over unfulfilled demands.

Sit-in pays off as compensation payment to North Waziristan affectees begins

The long protest of people affected by militancy and military operations in North Waziristan has paid dividends as payment of compensation has started.

Journalist from Bara killed allegedly by Afghan refugees

TNN correspondent reported that Bara Press Club member Hidayat Shah Afridi had a quarrel with Afghan refugees outside his residence in Asad Town.

Suicide of two girls in Kurram attributed to obsolete customary practices

Negligence by parents, lack of awareness and obsolete customary practices have forced two young girls in Kurram tribal district to end their lives.

Women searchers stage protest in Kurram over unpaid salaries

The lady searchers – the women appointed by police department for searching other women – on Thursday staged protest in Kurram over unpaid salaries.

Pakistan decides to reopen Angoor Adda, Kharlachi border gates

The government has decided to reopen the Angoor Adda and Kharlachi border gates to facilitate the people, particularly the traders, on both sides.