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A differently abled teacher in Parachinar with no salary

A Master’s degree holder differently abled person in Parachinar is continuously facing joblessness and he says the government never fulfils its promises.

Victims of honor killing buried without funeral prayers in Peshawar

Burying someone without funeral is an insult to the deceased and against the teachings of Islam, as the religion doesn’t allow disrespect to the deceased.

Private school principal content with selling chickpeas during lockdown

The principal of a private school in Swat is now selling boiled chickpeas on roads after the school stopped his salary due to coronavirus lockdown.

KP Bar Council yet to devise mechanism for relief funds distribution...

The funds issued by the KP government for the lawyers affected from coronavirus and lockdowns could not be used so far due to internal differences.

Elderly hawker in Nowshera sells facemasks to make ends meet

I buy facemasks by taking loan from someone and then return the money to the lender after selling facemasks to customers and have a little margin of profit.

Use of word ‘foolish’ for Buneris sparks outrage

The publication of word ‘foolish’ for the people of Buner in the curriculum books published by Gaba Publishers has drawn sharp criticism.

1.4m sacrificial animals likely to be sold in KP before Eid

The prices of big sacrificial animals are expected to stay low and prices of sheep are expected to be higher due to ban on supply to and from Afghanistan.

The only transgender person in KP who has completed M.Phil

The only transgender person in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to complete her M.Phil, Chocolate, wants to quit dancing and do a respectable job in future.

Why provincial minister wants to change name of Lakki Marwat

KP Minister for Social Welfare Hasham Inamullah has moved an application to the chief minister for changing the name of Lakki Marwat.

Increasing population, illegal connections deplete Parachinar water supply system

Despite existence of 22 tube wells and water from streams and Kurram River, still a sizable population of Parachinar is deprived of clean drinking water.

Lab’s mess up leaves Sharjah ticket buyer from Mardan in trouble

Few days ago, Mardan centre of the lab issued two different results of the same test of a person, which raised question marks over its credibility.

A Unicef volunteer in Mardan who doesn’t believe in coronavirus existence

Hardly anyone outside Mardan knew about Manga until the first coronavirus death from Pakistan was reported from the area four months ago.