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Local tourist spots in Khyber become popular during lockdown

After closure of tourist spots due to coronavirus lockdown, tourists started visiting picturesque sites in merged tribal districts.

Corona, flood and media couldn’t stop tourists from visiting Swat

Eighty percent economy of Swat is directly or indirectly linked with tourism. Swat Hotel Association president Al-Haaj Zahid Khan told TNN.

Some private schools have partially or completely remitted fee of students

There are also few schools, which have not only remitted the five-month fee, but also paid salaries to teachers.

Uneasy situation prevails over fee, salaries issue at private schools

Academic activities restored in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and rest of the country in September after six months of pause due to lockdown.

‘I have sold my school and now working for Rs10,000 salary’

Schools were closed during the coronavirus lockdown in March this year which brought a very difficult situation for private schools.

Private schools still reluctant to pay salaries to staff

Despite court order, many private schools in KP did not pay salary to teachers during the coronavirus lockdown.

Differently-abled woman from Waziristan doing wonders in sports

Gulshan is playing table tennis and power lifting. She won gold medal in power lifting in 2018 and first position in both games in 2019.

Fingers crossed as probe into Swat University harassment claims continues

Social circles in Swat have demanded investigation into the matter to unveil the wrongdoers as such incidents are bringing bad name.

Teachers, parents facing difficulties in corona SOPs implementation at schools

Several educational institutions have been closed again for violation of SOPs like social distancing, use of facemasks and hand sanitizers.

Is Peshawar’s new project of solid waste conversation into gas workable?

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has initiated a pilot project to make liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from plastic waste.

Knowing the reasons behind disturbing trend of suicides in Chitral

The disturbing trend of suicides, particularly among the youth, is continuing in Chitral, which is a cause of grave concern for parents.

Upgradation of Bannu Airport in doldrums

Development on Bannu Airport could not be initiated despite four years after approval due to which flight operation could not be initiated.