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Baseerat Khan vows to change lives of women in merged districts

Baseerat Khan has served with international institutions as a monitoring officer and also worked in health and education sector before joining politics.

Sumera Latif paves way for DI Khan women to join journalism

Sumera Latif is the first woman journalist from DI Khan who has adopted the profession of journalism as a mission to be the voice of women.

How a girl from Tank reached the UN Mission?

Gul Nisa from the remote Tank district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been selected for the Peacekeeping Mission of the United Nations.

Arfa Farooq’s journey from a single room to a beauty salon

Peshawar's famous beauty salon founder Arfa Farooq says when she first sought permission of from her family, her uncle immediately refused it.

Sofia became top boxer by fighting with male boxers

If a girl belongs to a conservative society and a minority community, it means that she will have to work even harder for realizing her dreams.

‘Media presents woman as a commodity’

Media has mainly become a business instead of a mission and women are seen as a commodity to bring glamour in the news in newspapers and TV channels.

KP women journalists form Network to raise voice for their rights

The women journalists of KP have decided to form Women Journalist Network to raise voice for their rights from a single platform.

‘Husband sent me to showbiz and then doubted me’

Fauzia says she started her career from the state-run TV in 2002 as a drama artist and now she is serving as a make-up artist.

When Afghan Taliban contacted a Peshawar woman for treatment

Dr Parveen has donated most of her personal property for Dost Foundation. In Peshawar, her centre has been named 'Sakoon Kor'.

It takes courage to be a Pakhtun poetess

Kulsoom Zeb says entry to the field of poetry is as difficult for Pakhtun women, but if a woman has the courage and determination, then she can do anything.
Qandi Safi

What changed the life of Qandi after she became a refugee...

After observing and studying women's rights organizations for 20 years, Afghan woman Qandi Safi finally also joined the field.
Ms Shazma Haleem of AVT

‘My father was asked not to come to mosque after I...

Khalida Niaz PESHAWAR: About 20 people were in the mosque when the prayer leader forbade an elderly person to offer prayer in his leadership and...