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No woman representation in task force on Fata reforms

The cabinet in its meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan on 6 September constituted a task force to expedite merger of Fata with KP.

Chitrali woollen warm clothes sell like hot cakes in winter

The sale of hand-made traditional cultural dresses, caps, waistcoats and Chugha (long coat) witness increase in winter season in Chitral. These warm cultural dresses are made from sheep wool. This wool is normally called Chitrali Patti.

Poor family of sexually abused boy seeks legal aid

Police has arrested an accused involved in sexual abuse of six-year-old boy in Shergarh area of Takht Bhai tehsil in Mardan.

‘Mankiali language’ of KP gets recognition in Ethnologue

Mankiali language has been added in Ethnologue; languages of the world, which is an encyclopedia reference work cataloging all of world’s 7097 known living languages.

Increasing Bride Price (Walwar) Deprives Poor tribesmen From Entering Into Marriage...

By Ali Afzal, Mahrukh Jabeen, Women are regarded as a symbol of dignity and respect in the tribal society of Pakistan. It is mainly due...

Getting CNICs remains a distant dream for ‘disowned’ transgender people in...

The ruling of the Lahore High Court directing the federal government to include a separate column for trans people in the form being used in the ongoing Census process in the country, has sparked jubilation among the community members but at the same time fears still persist among them that a good number of their colleagues may not be counted since they do not possess Computerized National Identity Cards

Karan Khan introducing new genres in Pashto music

Like other cultural identities of Pakhtuns, music is also witnessing regular changes in its style and presentation over the years.

Flyovers, underpasses can reduce traffic problems in Peshawar: traffic chief

PESHAWAR, December 14: Peshawar has been witnessing increase in traffic problems recently. Traffic jams are routinely witnessed during different protest rallies. Tribal News Network correspondent...

April Fool isn’t fun all the times

It was April 1st 2010 and I was in the depth of my dreams lying in bed at a hostel of Peshawar University when my phone rang and my friend Asif Khan answered it.

SP Tahir Dawar’s death leaves a huge void

Superintendent of Police (SP) Rural Peshawar Tahir Dawar served the Police Department for 23 years with dedication, honesty and bravery.

Survivors of Peshawar attack tell horrible story

Three friends from Mansehra, Muhammad Sohail Khan, Saleh Khan and Abdullah, were also present at the hostel at the time of terrorist attack on Directorate of Agriculture in Peshawar on Friday. However, they luckily escaped unhurt in the attack.

Pashto loses towering figure in Raj Wali Shah’s death

By Usman Khan PESHAWAR, 21 July: Funeral prayers for the renowned Pastho poet, critic and biographer, Prof. Dr. Raj Wali Shah Khattak, were held in...