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Razia Mehsud

Razia Mehsud: The first-ever female journalist from Waziristan

Razia Mehsud said that has received threats from influential persons but she has continued her efforts despite the hostile environment.
Chief Minister fixes monthly stipend for young rickshaw drivervideo

CM to support education of young rickshaw driver

Chief Minister has invited the young child to CM house and promised to extend all possible support for him and his family if he continues his study.

Residents, tourists facing problems due to damaged roads in Kalash valley

By Gul Hamad Farooqi CHITRAL, July 21: While many tourists have visited lush green Kalash valley in Chitral district and several more may be planning...
Ms Shazma Haleem of AVT

‘My father was asked not to come to mosque after I...

Khalida Niaz PESHAWAR: About 20 people were in the mosque when the prayer leader forbade an elderly person to offer prayer in his leadership and...

‘88% of Countries Restrict Women’s Economic Opportunity’: World Bank

167 countries have at least one law on the books that restricts women’s economic opportunity, a new study from the World Bank has found

Family refuses to accept financial compensation against the death of Fawad...

The family of Political Tehsildar Fawad Ali Shah, who lost his life in a bomb blast in Bajaur Agency few days ago, has called upon the government to confer civil award to him instead of giving him Shaheed Package.

Hiring of non-local staff: Parents to boycott polio drive in Khyber

The elders of Malagori tribe in Khyber Agency announced to boycott the upcoming anti-polio campaign in protest against not offering job opportunities to the local youth in the immunization drive.

Victims of honor killing buried without funeral prayers in Peshawar

Burying someone without funeral is an insult to the deceased and against the teachings of Islam, as the religion doesn’t allow disrespect to the deceased.

Roshan Kaleem’s ‘Silent Cries’ aims to give voice to subjugated women

The International Women’s Day is being observed in Pakistan and rest of the world to create awareness about their role in society and their rights.

Most people in KP unaware about Bahai community

After opening of Kartarpur Corridor for Sikh pilgrims, the Bahai community members were also hoping for easy access to their religious centre in New Delhi.

Pakistani deported from India reunites with family after 25 years

The 35-year-old Siraj Khan, who was expelled by India, reunited with his family in Mansehra after 25 years.

Can local FM radio channels compete with foreign channels?

Experts believe that it would be a big challenge for the government-run channels to compete with foreign channels and attract their audience.