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Short documentaries by young Afghan and Pakistani filmmakers screened at the...

'Transgender in Pakistan' is a radio documentary that voices the concerns and struggle of employment for the transgender community in Pakistan.

Sale and use of traditional Pashto music instruments on decline

The manufacturing and use of traditional Pashto music instruments are on a decline due to increasing use of electronic gadgets and computer and internet technology. Traditional music like Tambal and Rabab Mangay during marriage ceremonies and other social gatherings are very important traditions in the Pakhtun culture. Although Pakhtuns love music and openly express their love for music but the musicians don’t enjoy respect in the society which they really deserve.

Indifference turns Wazir Bagh into a deserted place

By Muhammad Shahid PESHAWAR: Welcome to the Mughal-era Wazir Bagh. Sorry for not looking a park or garden now, but I used to be a...

Govt to rebuild 105-year old school in Bara

The school was constructed as primary school in 1913 by the British government. It was blown up by militants with explosives in 2009 damaging it beyond repair.

Heritage Trail Project aims revival of splendour in City of Flowers

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has initiated Heritage Trail Project to restore the historic and old buildings of Peshawar and beautify them.

A year after his death, Mashal Khan’s family awaits justice

A year has been gone after the death of 23-year-old Mashal Khan who was allegedly killed over blasphemy charges in Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan

Bird keeper provides free treatment for sick birds

Bird keeping is not a popular hobby in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, mainly due to superstitious belief that keeping birds, especially pigeons, may bring bad luck and the practice is considered to be a sin by many.

Sawera Foundation providing vocational, computer training to terror-affected minority women

Sawera Foundation, a welfare institution, has opened a centre for women belonging to the minority community affected by terrorism to train them in different skills to enable them to support their families.

Buner; where followers of two faiths coexist peacefully

Buner is perhaps the only district where followers of two faiths have been living in peaceful coexistence since partition of the subcontinent.

All-Pakistan Football Tournament concludes in South Waziristan

The 4th All-Pakistan Football Tournament concluded in South Waziristan tribal district after much fanfare on Friday.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa witnesses a steep rise in child abuse cases

PESHAWAR: A steep rise has been witnessed in cases of child abuse in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 4600 cases of sexual assault of minors registered in last one year.

Construction of security wall around Hayatabad hinders children’s education

A dweller of Tajabad, Muhammad Riaz had no other option but to drop his two children from the primary school in Phase-III. “My sons were enrolled in the government primary school but after the construction of the boundary wall, it is almost difficult for them to reach school in time. Being a poor person, I cannot afford to arrange private transport for their pick and drop. I am totally clueless what to do,” a worried Riaz says