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Girls school built five years ago in Jamrud still non-functional

Locals said that that the girls’ primary school was the lone public sector education facility for girls in the area.

Mastan Khan can’t live without his jeep, big moustaches

Mastan Khan, a lively tribesman from North Waziristan, passionately loves his jeep and moustaches and he is keeping his passion alive for the last 45 years.
Ms Shazma Haleem of AVT

‘My father was asked not to come to mosque after I...

Khalida Niaz PESHAWAR: About 20 people were in the mosque when the prayer leader forbade an elderly person to offer prayer in his leadership and...

A Torkham school where Afghan students sing Pakistani national anthem

There are two private schools at Torkham border where Afghan students daily sing the national anthem daily during the morning assembly.

Leishmania spreading rapidly in FATA, KP, Afghanistan

Leishmania disease, which is transmitted by the bite of sand-flies, has been spreading in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Afghanistan. TNN correspondent has conducted a detailed discussion with Dr Akhtar Munir, Skin Specialist at Kuwait Teaching Hospital in Peshawar, about the symptoms, causes, treatment and precautionary measures of the disease.

‘Education a noble profession, not a business’

Private educational institutions are playing a crucial role in promotion of quality education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and rest of Pakistan.

Violence replaces entertainment in Pashto movies

Dramas, movies and other TV and music programmes are generally considered a source of entertainment and education for the viewers. However, what is being showed in Pashto CD dramas and movies nowadays and how its content affects the viewers is altogether a different story. A huge TV set at a local hotel in Peshawar city is a source of attraction for the visitors who come for taking tea. The hotel TV routinely shows Pashto movies which seem to promote the culture of Kalashnikov, honour killing and kidnapping for ransom etc.

Private schools still reluctant to pay salaries to staff

Despite court order, many private schools in KP did not pay salary to teachers during the coronavirus lockdown.

Japanese diplomat in Islamabad teaches the art of making SUSHI to...

Sushi can be prepared with brown rice, but traditionally it is made with medium grain white rice.

State of education in Kohistan presents a bleak picture

By Rafiullah KOHISTAN, 11 November: Literacy rate in the far situated district of Kohistan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is extremely low which has caused great concerns...

Passion brought me in Pashto film industry, not money: Yar Hassan

The poor state of Pashto Showbiz industry can be gauged from the fact that certain popular actors working in in Pashto CD films and dramas had to pay from own pockets to get work and exposure.

Transgender persons attack police station in Mingora

Transgender persons on Saturday attacked a police station in Mingora area of Swat district over not filing their complaint.