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PPP wants FATA merger with KP, local govt system in tribal...

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) FATA chief says his party supports merger of the tribal areas with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, local government system and right of appeal to the tribal population in the superior judiciary. The PPP Central Executive Committee member and former lawmaker Akhunzada Chattan expressed these views in an interview with TNN correspondent in Bajaur Agency.

Coalmine explosion kills nine workers in Darra Adamkhel

A coalmine explosion in a coalmine in Frontier Region Kohat (Darra Adamkhel) on Wednesday killed nine workers and injured three others.

Traditional festivals concluded in Tank, DI Khan

The organisers said that festival aims at to provide people of the District with healthy entertainment who have suffered worst times due to the insurgency in the region.

Tradition of Eid cards diminishing with advent of technology

By Abdul Qayyum Afridi PESHAWAR, 9 July: Technological advancement has created many facilities for the people but it has also impacted the traditional way of...

Tradition of doli slowly disappears from Pashtun culture

Traditions do not remain the same and evolve with the changing needs of the people. Same is the case with tradition of palanquine, the wooden cabine.

Schools in Kohistan, Torghar, Shangla lack basic facilities, report

A report on condition of public sector schools in Shangla, Kohistan and Torghar districts have exposed government performance in education sector.

Education can resolve most problems of women: Pushtana Arabzai

By Said Rasool Betani PESHAWAR, 18 October: Very few women could be seen as journalists in Pakhtun areas due to poor ratio of women education, lack...

Shabnam from Swat quits showbiz, police force for sake of her...

The 50-year-old woman from Swat, Shabnam says she tried her luck in acting and then in police force but had to quit after failing to earn livelihood with honour.
Brother kills Pashto singer in Swat, says the policevideo

Brother kills Pashto singer in Swat, says the police

Police said that so far the reason behind the brutal murder couldn’t be ascertained as they are still conducting the investigation into the case.
Chitrali celebrate Mulki Cup Polo Tournament

Mulki Cup Polo Tournament begins in Chitral after 59 years

With high hopes the centuries old colorful 'Mulki Cup Polo Tournament' kicked off in a playground of Chitral on Friday after 59 years.

Selfless efforts to serve humanity pay off eventually: Wilson Wazir

PESHAWAR, January 11: The federal government has nominated Khyber Agency’s Wilson Wazir Masih for Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his services for minority community in FATA. The...

PTI govt approves sports policy in last month of its term

The KP government has introduced the first ever sports policy according to which one sports day will be mandatory in a week in the primary schools of the province.