KP govt to block CNICs of parents refusing polio drops to...

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to block the CNICs of the parents who refused to administer polio vaccination drops to their children.

Transgender person Niazbeena says can’t go to school amid taunts

There are many transgender persons in the Pakhtun society who want to live a normal life like getting education, finding job and living with peace.

Rich culture: Cultural night showcases colours of Bunir

A total of 50 talented position holders from different educational institutions were given awards and commendation certificates.

Poverty forces Charsadda girl to dress up as man to earn...

Shehla says is wearing the gent’s clothes, to protect herself from the male gaze at the workplace.

Women shouldn’t be treated differently to men: Dr Salma Shaheen

Dr Salma Shaheen said that Pakhtun women are more creative and sensitive that was one of the reasons that almost 85 per cent of Pashto tapa are created of Pakhtun women

Aneela Shaheen – A role model for aspiring female journalists

Aneela Shaheen, who is in the field of journalism for last 20 years, was recently elected as first women senior vice president of the Peshawar Press Club.

First ever gym for women opened in Peshawar

The first ever gymnasium has been opened for females in Peshawar in which women of all ages come for different physical exercises.

Roshan Kaleem’s ‘Silent Cries’ aims to give voice to subjugated women

The International Women’s Day is being observed in Pakistan and rest of the world to create awareness about their role in society and their rights.

‘Snow Golf’ tournament ends in Kalash Valley

The people of Kalash complained that due to KP governments’ apathy, such a vibrant tradition is on the verge of extension.

KP Gets First Burns and Trauma Center

Burn victims in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) can now receive treatment in Peshawar thanks to the newly opened Burns and Trauma Center

Govt to introduce IT application to stop cheating in exams

Adviser to the chief minister on education said that every school in the province will get furniture till the end of March.

3G, 4G internet services to be provided to tribal districts

Advisor to Chief Minister said that tribal districts have been kept deprived of latest internet technology by past governments.

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