Samar Bilour seeks more legislation about women’s rights

Samar Bilour said whatever she and her family has lost will never return, but the family will continue its struggle for the rights of people.

What the Afghan women say about peace agreement?

TNN has talked to some Afghan women as to how they see the US-Taliban agreement and how it is likely to impact their lives.

Mahjabeen Qazalbash leaves unerasable imprints on Pashto music industry

Besides winning numerous awards, Mahjabeen won millions of fans through her attractive and melodious voice and this asset is here to stay for ever.

The PSRA unable to keep private schools under check

The PSRA is yet to come up with solutions to questions like annual increase in fee, extent of concession to siblings, fee during summer vacations etc.

‘Transgender persons must be extremely careful in relationships’

Sanaya said while talking to TNN that many transgender persons don't check about background, character or reputation of people while making friendships.

Govt hospital in Nowshera used for dance party, fireworks

The building of a government hospital has been used for a dance party and fireworks in Kaka Sahib area of Nowshera district.

Why OPD is not covered under Sehat Sahulat Programme?

The KP government has decided to give the facility of OPD on Sehat Insaf Card in four districts on experimental basis by the end of this year.

115 employees in Nadra project sacked one day after joining

Nadra has sacked 115 employees from merged district just one day after their joining of duties which has caused huge disappointment to the sacked employees.
Ewaz Noor of Kaka Sahib

Victim girl’s family seeks public hanging of rapist, murderer

The relatives of a sexual abuse victim have called upon the government to complete legislation about public hanging of rapists as soon as possible.

One-way or two-way: What is the matter with Saddar Road?

The Cantonment Board administration in Peshawar is under criticism for again digging Saddar Road for making it two-way after declaring it one-way recently.

Bahai community have no separate worship place

People from minority communities did not get enough encouragement or coverage on media in Pakistan no matter how big is their achievement.

Bara crushing plants unlikely to reopen anytime soon

The owners of crushing plants in Bara tehsil of Khyber tribal districts have given a deadline till Sunday to the government to open the closed plants.