Concerns of Afghan women on renewal of PoR cards

Some refugees have expressed uncertainty that the female staff has not been hired for data entry and taking photographs of women.

Chahat started singing aged 4 and then never looked back

The youngest Pashto singer from Kohat, Chahat Pappu, says he aims to make a unique impression in the field of singing.

Contaminated air causes 20pc of deaths in Pakistan every year

The World Air Quality Index said a report that every year around 20 percent of people lose their lives due to air pollution.
Marble factory in Jamrud

Locals got compelled to quit business with a surge in the...

Zahid Mullagori Jamrud: "Things were going well but with the passage of time, things started to change for the bad and our problems started to escalate....

Woman’s right to vote is always overshadowed by the man’s will

If we put it simply, it means sex is a physical appearance that is natural and cannot be changed in any way, no matter where you go, it is the same everywhere and in every society

Less rains creating drought-like situation in Mallagori

Mir Tola, aged 65, says he brings water from far off areas with the help of handcart almost on daily basis to meet the domestic needs.

Candidates disappointed over PST test cancellation

Some candidates seem happy about the test cancellation, while other candidates don't reckon the cancellation of test a solution to the issue.

Too long journey to school for little girl in DI Khan

The family of little Muntaha Wazir, originally hailing from Shakai area of South Waziristan, has shifted to Dera Ismail Khan for education.

People from Nepal and India also donated for roads construction in...

Some roads in Buner are being constructed by the local people by collecting donations from different people.

Bride in Mardan makes demand of Rs100,000 books in Nikah

A bride in Mardan has demanded books worth Rs100,000 from her husband in Haq Mahar instead of the routine demands of jewelry or property etc.

The fascinating journey of Rakhshanda Naz from rights activist to ombudsperson

Rakhshanda Naz says the condition of women will never change until they learn to support and strengthen each other.

Women must not always look towards men for help: Shagufta Malik

In our society, women cannot openly tell men about all their problems, and neither men can solve all the issues of women.