Hiring of non-local staff: Parents to boycott polio drive in Khyber

The elders of Malagori tribe in Khyber Agency announced to boycott the upcoming anti-polio campaign in protest against not offering job opportunities to the local youth in the immunization drive.

‘Poverty behind rising number of suicide incidents among Chitrali women’

The district government and Chitral Scouts jointly organized the festival where different stalls were set up including embroidery, local art, books and literature providing information about wildlife of the district.

Parents are refusing Polio drops to children as bargaining chip in...

In an alarming trend, some people in FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are increasingly using the threat of boycotting the polio vaccination campaigns to persuade the government to accept their demands.

Six changes in BRT design that you may not know about

By Usman Khan & Amina Khan Construction work on the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s mega project known as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has undergone major changes like a roller coaster since the...

School principal arrested for providing cheating material to students in North...

The political administration of North Waziristan has arrested the principal of a private school in Mir Ali on charges of providing cheating material to students in the matriculation exams.
Afghan women working on rugs in KP.

Exploited and Unprotected: The Life of Pakistan’s Home-Based Workers

Mashooq is one of Pakistan’s 12 million female home-based workers. She took up tailoring, she says, because her husband is a daily wage laborer and doesn’t make enough money to support the family alone

Pakistani deported from India reunites with family after 25 years

The 35-year-old Siraj Khan, who was expelled by India, reunited with his family in Mansehra after 25 years.

One Day, Three Women: A WhatsApp Story About Work and Equality

Pakistani CEO Sima Kamil, 60, got up at 6am for a quiet coffee at her home in Karachi before her chauffeur arrived to drive her to the headquarters of United Bank Limited in the city’s business district.

Survey Reveals 27% Illiterate People From FATA use TNN’s Mobile News...

27 percent illiterate people from Pakistan Tribal areas use TNN’s call to listen service for local news often ignored by mainstream media in Pakistan.

Jirga still working as powerful tool of dispute resolution in FATA

The Jirga system is still working as an effective tool for dispute resolution in FATA. With the efforts of the political administration and tribal elders, two rival groups in Bajaur Agency on Friday announced to renounce violence and live with harmony in future.

’25 million child marriages prevented in last decade due to accelerated...

Improving trend in child marriage driven largely by significant reductions in South Asia, but problem persists with over 150 million girls likely to marry by 2030

Afghan Women Will Only Be ‘Empowered’ When They Are Free From...

“Afghan women are navigating their survival in one of the most hostile and dangerous places in the world. That is very powerful.”