A graveyard in DI Khan where people from all religions bury...

There is a unique graveyard in Dera Ismail Khan where people from all religions are allowed to bury the deceased persons.

A brilliant student who sells vegetables in Landikotal

A boy in Landikotal Bazaar is getting first position in his school for the last five years, but still he has to sell vegetables.

What KP journalists say about Journalist Protection Bill

Following in the footsteps of the Centre, the government of KP has also decided to bring the Journalist Protection Bill to the KP Assembly.

Cryptocurrency and increasing cyber crimes in KP

The officials of Cyber Crime Wing of the FIA say legislation about cryptocurrency is not the domain of the provincial government.

How people came to know about honour killings in Tirah?

Five people, including two women, were killed in the name of honour in Tirah valley of Khyber tribal district last month.

Why merged districts people have reservations over census results?

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has finally released the report of the 2017 census with a delay of over three years.

Pakistani prisoner arriving back from Saudi credits Imran Khan for his...

Wali Muhammad, who was imprisoned in a jail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, wasn’t sure whether he would come back to his home alive or not.

Pakistani students waiting for reopening of Chinese universities to complete degrees

Sajjad says he is in contact with Pakistani friends who have returned from China and many have taken admission in Pakistani universities.

Women always reluctant to report violence in a patriarchal set up

Sarwat said she knew very well that no one from the family would support her after divorce, but she ignored all such constraints.

Vocational training centres helping women stand on their own feet

Like Amna, Basmina from Ramdas areas of Peshawar has also learned sewing and works from home for earning livelihood.

‘Crystal meth addiction snatched everything from me’

Drug addiction has ruined the lives of countless youth who could have been useful members of society otherwise.

Special Education Centre in Mardan making a difference

The National Special Education Centre in Mardan is working on a mission to make the special children stand on their own feet.