‘Afghanistan not the same after Taliban takeover’

Senior woman journalist Farzana Ali, who did reporting from Afghanistan during last few days, says Afghanistan has changed.

Corona awareness campaign at Akora Khattak refugees camp pays dividends

When the coronavirus pandemic engulfed the entire world last year, the Afghan refugees in Pakistan were also affected from it.

‘I am alive because of my friends’

In Pakistan, psychological diseases are generally ignored due to fear of social issues and stigmatisation.

UNHCR appeals to Pakistan to allow more Afghan refugees

The United Nations refugee agency says Pakistan must also allow Afghan refugees to enter through Pak-Afghan border.

Business activities take a jolt in Peshawar after the fall of...

The famous Karkhano market of Peshawar appears to be deserted. Surprisingly, no hustle and bustle was visible.

The heroics of a soldier from Karak in the 1965 war

The story of his bravery would never have reached us if it wasn't for the Indian Army's Lieutenant Colonel Ajit Singh.

What’s the procedure of corona vaccination for unregistered Afghan refugees

No authentic data about corona cases and deaths among Afghan refugees is available, and solid steps for their vaccination are not visible.

Can second shift program in KP schools reduce dropouts?

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary Education Department (ESED) has initiated second shift classes in schools from September 01.

‘Grandchildren likely to contract diabetes if grandfather is diabetic’

Nasir, the father of the girl, told TNN that it was a shocking revelation for them and they did not know what to do.

Emerging artists getting recognition through mobile apps

Famous TikToker from Peshawar, Khan Khalid said while talking to TNN that people in Pakhtun society love the art, but not the artist.

The women victims of landmine blasts in merged districts

The life of 30-year-old Madina Bibi from Bajaur took a turn for the worst when she was hit by a landmine blast and lost her one leg.

Can a dog bite prove fatal?

Dr Akheer Jan says rabies is caused by rabies virus which is spread when an infected animal bites or scratches a human being.