PATA residents yet to benefit from Right to Information Act

The people of seven districts of Malakand division and Kohistan are complaining that being the equal citizens of the country, it is their basic right to have access to information of public importance as like other inhabitants of rest of the province.

Government fails to control monopoly of private educational institutions

The previous ANP-led government had prepared a draft for establishing a regulatory body for the private educational institutions but it could not make legislation. The incumbent PTI-led coalition government had also promised to establish a regulatory body in the province but despite of passage of four years, it yet to materialize the pledge.

Getting CNICs remains a distant dream for ‘disowned’ transgender people in...

The ruling of the Lahore High Court directing the federal government to include a separate column for trans people in the form being used in the ongoing Census process in the country, has sparked jubilation among the community members but at the same time fears still persist among them that a good number of their colleagues may not be counted since they do not possess Computerized National Identity Cards

Suicide or murder ? mystery behind the deaths of women remains...

According to official records of police and data compiled by rights organizations, the practice of self-annihilation in the valley has reached to an alarming level particularly among womenfolk. The data collected by this scribe shows that as many as 370 women have committed suicides during the last three years in Swat

‘Having trans children is matter of shame for parents in FATA’

Sohana was 12,when she realized that she was not respected as a human being in her native village in Kurram tribal agency because of her gender. Therefore, she left her village for Peshawar to live a free and decent life with other trans people.She was fed up with the harsh attitude of her father and brothers

From sowing to harvesting, women look after marijuana crops in Khyber...

Tirah Maidan area of Bara sub-division in Khyber Agency is known for hashish production and many people in the area are directly or indirectly associated with this business.

Lack of legislation perpetuates domestic violence against women in KP

Farzana is fed up with her eight years long unhappy marriage. She has approached a local family court in Peshawar seeking divorce from her husband. Being mother of two, she took the extreme step after being subjected to severe physical and mental torture by her husband and in-laws for years.

Increasing Bride Price (Walwar) Deprives Poor tribesmen From Entering Into Marriage...

By Ali Afzal, Mahrukh Jabeen, Women are regarded as a symbol of dignity and respect in the tribal society of Pakistan. It is mainly due...

‘Forestation can check climate change impacts’

Global warming or climate change is the increase in the average temperature of the earth which is being observed during the past few years. Experts have largely been attributing this rise in temperature to deforestation and emission of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases from industrial units and motor vehicles. According to experts, climate change is not just rise in temperate. It has wide-ranging impacts, including rising sea levels, melting of glaciers, extreme heat events, fires, drought, rainfall and floods. Scientists predict that these trends will continue and in some instances, accelerate.

White Palace – One of the best tourism sites in scenic...

The name “White Palace” has been given to it due to the white marbles used in its construction. The marbles used in the building are the same as used in Taj Mahal, built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th-century. That was the reason it was first named as Swati Taj Mahal. Later, it was called as Moti Mahal and finally named Sufed Mahal (The White Palace). The white color of the palace makes it visible from a distant location

Pakhtun women countering stereotypes to learn driving

Like other fields of life, women of Khyber Pakhtunhwa and FATA have also started learning driving and they are now fulfilling their needs of life without being dependent on male members of the family. “Women driving was an unknown concept in our village. I was the first woman to step up and learn driving,” said Maheen Khan, a working woman and a research student of the University of Peshawar, who lives in Mardan.

Cricketer Muhammad Asif praises Fata players’ talent

Test cricket Muhammad Asif has said there is immense cricketing talent in the federally administered tribal areas (Fata) and if provided opportunities, players from Fata will be no match in the country. He was talking to TNN’s correspondent Hanifullah here the other day. Muhammad, whose career was surrounded by scandals on and off the cricketing field, had come to Khar to grace the closing ceremony of the Candyland cricket tournament which concluded here the other day.