Online business easy option for women to start entrepreneurship

Azra Masood has been running her online business from her house situated inside the narrow streets of the walled city.A spacious room in a corner of her clean large house looks like a big departmental store as it contains everything ranging from cosmetics to jewelry and from readymade garments to shoes

PTI govt turns a blind eye to the problems of blind...

Although schools for the visually impaired children have been established in different cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but the students and teachers in these schools are facing difficulties due to lack of facilities. There is only one primary school for visually impaired children in the mega city of Peshawar having a population of about 5.5 million, where the students even don’t get their full course of books. There are no proper arrangements for pick and drop of children in the school who came from different areas of Peshawar. Some students from FATA are also enrolled at the school.

Birth of daughter a blessing, not sin

Under the Islamic teachings if the birth of a son is a blessing then a daughter’s birth also signifies mercy of Almighty Allah. Unfortunately, it has been observed in our society that people celebrate the birth of a son with full pomp and show, but the birth of a daughter barely goes noticed. It has also been observed in our patriarchal society that women are often ‘blamed’ for giving birth to a girl. Nageena, a resident of Peshawar, says her husband often threatens her that he will enter second marriage because she was incapable of producing a male offspring.

Malagori marble industry battling for survival

The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) region is rich with mineral resources like copper, chromite, manganese and marble etc. However, the people of the region had been deprived of the benefit of these natural resources due to lack of advanced machinery and technology and lack of attention by the government towards this potential. TNN has conducted a detailed discussion with the president of Malagori Marble Association, Haibat Khan over problems of marble industry in the region.

Violence replaces entertainment in Pashto movies

Dramas, movies and other TV and music programmes are generally considered a source of entertainment and education for the viewers. However, what is being showed in Pashto CD dramas and movies nowadays and how its content affects the viewers is altogether a different story. A huge TV set at a local hotel in Peshawar city is a source of attraction for the visitors who come for taking tea. The hotel TV routinely shows Pashto movies which seem to promote the culture of Kalashnikov, honour killing and kidnapping for ransom etc.

Culture of appreciation is not common in KP: Amjad Aziz Malik

The Peshawar-based sports journalist, Amjad Aziz Malik is the first ever Pakistani media person to become the general secretary of the Asian Sports Journalists’ Association (AIPS), the only sports body of 42 Asian member countries. He is the only Pakistani who has authored nine books, all related to sports. Malik has commentated in more than 250 hockey matches and was adjudged best commentator of Pakistan for the year 1999-2000.

Emergency Mehndi- a beauty product or health hazard?

No wedding, Eid or other festivity is complete for Pakistani as well as Pashtun women without applying Hina (Mehndi) on their hands and feet. The elderly women often apply it plainly to their feet, hands and dye hair, however, girls prefer to make special designs on their hands and feet with it.

Eunuchs living miserable life in Swat

Like other parts of the country, the eunuchs in Swat are living a difficult life due to countless problems. They said everyone tease them and police also do not allow them to live peacefully in one place. About 120 eunuchs are living in Swat and most of them live in Mulla Baba area of Mingora. The local eunuchs said whenever a new police officer is deputed to the area, he ask them to leave the area citing public complaints.

Difficulties of Bara Bazaar traders not over yet

Bara Bazaar of Khyber Agency, which was closed due to military operation for the last seven years, was reopened for business activities on Friday. Many traders suffered huge financial losses due to the long closure of the bazaar and now they don’t have enough resources to re-establish their businesses. One among them is Firdous Jamal, who is now indebted by lakhs of rupees after sustaining huge losses due to closure of the bazaar.

Ismaili community people observing ‘Pathak’ festival in Chital

The people belonging to Ismaili community are celebrating traditional festival ‘Pathak’ in Garam Chashma area of Chitral. People from Ismaili community celebrate this festival in the first week of February in the memory of Pir Nasir Khusro. They believe that Pir Nasir Khusro came to Garam Chashma 1,100 years ago through the route of Badakhshan and their forefathers accepted the religion due to his preaching.
Beauty parlour business is on boom in Peshawar.

Beauty business booming in Peshawar

It is a natural phenomena that every human being particularly youth wants to be good-looking and handsome. Comparatively, the womenfolk are more conscious about their outlook.

First woman DSP of KP Traffic Police aims to lead the...

It has been observed that male members of our society generally excel in jobs in the security forces and women tend not joining such jobs.