Pakhtun women countering stereotypes to learn driving

Like other fields of life, women of Khyber Pakhtunhwa and FATA have also started learning driving and they are now fulfilling their needs of life without being dependent on male members of the family. “Women driving was an unknown concept in our village. I was the first woman to step up and learn driving,” said Maheen Khan, a working woman and a research student of the University of Peshawar, who lives in Mardan.

Cricketer Muhammad Asif praises Fata players’ talent

Test cricket Muhammad Asif has said there is immense cricketing talent in the federally administered tribal areas (Fata) and if provided opportunities, players from Fata will be no match in the country. He was talking to TNN’s correspondent Hanifullah here the other day. Muhammad, whose career was surrounded by scandals on and off the cricketing field, had come to Khar to grace the closing ceremony of the Candyland cricket tournament which concluded here the other day.

Reconciliatory jirga in Bajaur resolves 36 disputes in two years

A reconciliatory body constituted by a former bureaucrat has succeeded in peacefully resolving as many as 36 tribal disputes during the past two years. Haji Said Ahmad Jan, who served as assistant political agent and deputy commissioner said he constituted the Khar Reconciliatory Jirga (KRJ) after his retirement from the government service in 2014. “After my retirement in 2014, I decided to constitute the jirga. I got the inspiration when large number of people pushed me to step forward to resolve people’s internal disputes as there was nobody in the area whom people could have trusted,” Mr. Jan said in an interview with TNN’s correspondent Hanifullah.

Sale and use of traditional Pashto music instruments on decline

The manufacturing and use of traditional Pashto music instruments are on a decline due to increasing use of electronic gadgets and computer and internet technology. Traditional music like Tambal and Rabab Mangay during marriage ceremonies and other social gatherings are very important traditions in the Pakhtun culture. Although Pakhtuns love music and openly express their love for music but the musicians don’t enjoy respect in the society which they really deserve.

Free of cost treatment being provided to children with cleft lips,...

Thousands of children are born with cleft lips and palates in Pakistan every year and parents of such children face many difficulties in their treatment. Doctors say the treatment of children born with cleft lips and palates is possible with plastic surgery. However, plastic surgeons treating such diseases are very few in Pakistan, especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA. Keeping in view this problem of the people, Smile Train, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), has started free of cost treatment of the affected children at Rehman Medical Complex (RMC) Peshawar. Dr Tariq Iqbal has conducted 28 successful surgeries since March this year.

Transgender Paro quits dancing, opens boutique in Peshawar

After facing harassment from police and rude behaviour of the society, a transgender, Paro has decided to quit the profession of dancing at functions and opened a boutique in Peshawar. Paro, who belongs to Swat, is also vice president of the Shemail Association. Paro said she decided to start embroidery on clothes at her home after the death of close friend Alisha and facing torture from crowd at a function.

Caution needed in handling sacrificial animals to avoid Congo fever: Dr...

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has accelerated campaign to control the spread of Congo virus ahead of Eidul Azha. The Livestock Department Director Dr Masoom Shah in a special interview with TNN said the main symptoms of the disease include nosebleed, severe fever, black stools and vomiting.

Local skiing sensation seeks sponsorship to shine on international level

Asmat Ali , a resident of Malam Jabba area of Swat, who has won 35 prizes in skiing, is selling tea a pikoras nowadays due lack of support from the government. Malam Jabba, which lies 9,000 feet above the sea level, is famous in the world for its natural beauty and cold weather.

Farkhanda Jabeen, a source of motivation for women

Farkhanda Jabeen, a resident of Gulbahar area of Peshawar, is an expert in making artificial jewellery from brass wire, embroidery and tailoring. The 45-year-old widow is associated with this profession for the last 15 years. Farkhanda says she has seen very hard times in her life and she adopted this profession after death of her husband to make ends meet.

PPP wants FATA merger with KP, local govt system in tribal...

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) FATA chief says his party supports merger of the tribal areas with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, local government system and right of appeal to the tribal population in the superior judiciary. The PPP Central Executive Committee member and former lawmaker Akhunzada Chattan expressed these views in an interview with TNN correspondent in Bajaur Agency.

Shahi Gul Centre providing free training to women for making traditional...

The beautiful traditional women garments at Shahi Gul Centre in Anesh Killi area of Chital wore by the local girls and women add to the beauty of the tall and green mountains of the valley. Shahi Gul, who is known for his social activities in his village and surrounding areas, aims to provide training to the local women in embroidery and stitching on women clothes to enable them to earn their livelihood with dignity.

350,000 stillbirths reported in Pakistan every year

Hameeda Bibi, a resident of Nizampur area of Nowshera, has lost her baby before giving birth to him due to heavy work and lack of care during pregnancy and now she is visiting a clinic situated five miles away from her home to avoid further deterioration of her health condition. “I am suffering severe bleeding since the beginning of my pregnancy and the doctors have told me to remove the foetus because it is not growing. They said heavy work at home has caused death of the foetus, but I have decided to conduct ultrasound test to check my condition,” she told TNN.