Tourism potential of merged districts not fully exploited

In the north, there are some of nature's most beautiful sites, but the tribal territories are the ones that deserve more attention.

Youth don’t indulge in negativities when they see a ray of...

However, Khalid’s mother got a sigh of relief when Khalid was sent to a probation centre instead of jail where his counselling started.

‘My two sons died in blast and daughter said she is...

Shamsuddin rushed towards his house and found that his children were littered in blood and people were trying to provide some aid to them.

KP minorities satisfied with improved facilities, but more work needed

The KP government has increased the budget of policymaking and legislation for minorities to to Rs1.45 billion.

Peshawar’s Peace Promoters a great example of interfaith harmony

“We convey our message at mosques, temples, gurdwaras and churches. We look for common things and promote them.”

Dangerous mobile towers still not removed from residential areas in KP

Mobile towers, which have been installed in Peshawar and other cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, have become a cause of danger for the residents.

Hastily passed laws from KP Assembly bring legal lacunae

Some laws have been passed in haste from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly which have created lacunae and complications.

In Parachinar a Imam Bargah and a Gurdwara promote Interfaith Harmony

  By Muhammad Daud Khan PARACHINAR, North-West Pakistan- Speen Ghar, or “White Mountain,” as it is known, forms a natural frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan. In...

Mir Ali Bazaar yet to regain its old glory

Merged tribal districts experienced huge trouble since the beginning of Afghan war due to law and order issues and terrorism.

‘Music brings peace of mind’

Junaid Ibrahim MINGORA: Hamayun Masaud from Mingora plays Rabab in the age of 60 at a time when his beard has turned white and he...

Early marriages deprive girls from higher education

Araba I was only fifteen years old when I got married. I wanted to study further and achieve my goals, which means I wanted to...

Possession of expensive items and the obligation of sacrifice

Muslims throughout the world observe Eidul Azha on 10 of Zil Hajj and the main observance during this religious festival is sacrifice.