Early age marriages leading to mental health issues among women

Khalida Niaz PESHAWAR: Safina Bibi is mother of two young daughters at the age of 20. She was 14 years old when she got married...

Newly arrived Afghan refugees in KP are finding it difficult to...

Nooria Bazwan The fall of Kabul has led to the migration of a large number of Afghans to other countries. On the other hand, various...

No education complex for 7000 special children in Bajaur

The unavailability of an education complex for over 7000 special children in Bajaur tribal district speaks volumes about government negligent attitude towards them.

Girls dropouts still a problem despite increased budget for education sector

Keeping in view the problems, the KP government allocated more budget for education during the last three years.

Why people in KP are hiding their disease?

In KP, some cases have been seen where people are hiding their disease to avoid the social stigma or show irresponsible behaviour regarding the disease.

Faqir Gul from Charsadda writes the Holy Quran in own handwriting,...

The art of handwriting and calligraphy has witnessed decline in recent times due to introduction of modern printing presses and computer software.

Returning affectees in Tirah still waiting for govt help

The people affected by militancy and military operations in Tirah are still waiting for government assistance four months after their return.

Veteran composer ST Sunny advises youth to focus on quality stuff

Sher Alam Shinwari Veteran music composer ST Sunny has advised young artists to focus on quality stuff if they want to reclaim the past glory of...

Peshawari chappals selling like hot cakes as Eid draws closer

PESHAWAR, 9 July: As the holy month of Ramazan is heading towards its end and Eidul Fitr is drawing closer, a large number of...

Islamabad declares Indian actor’s house as national heritage

PESHAWAR, July 14: The Prime Minister, Mr Nawaz Sharif, has declared the ancestral house of known Indian film star Dilip Kumar as national heritage...

Depression and anxiety on the rise amid corona pandemic

Coronavirus has claimed millions of lives worldwide, while its fear has also caused mental discomfort among the healthy people.

Naziq Iqbal divorces her Husband Javid Fiza

In a short video released to media, an eminent pashto singer Nazia Iqbal can be seen as seeking divorce from her husband Javid Fiza. He delivered it on spot during recording.